CMYUK Digital Print Materials

Materials sourced from the very best manufacturers worldwide

CMYUK provides business owners with the knowledge and products they need, to transform digital images into innovative forms of visual merchandising, soft signage, customized décor and display graphics. Our products are used to create numerous applications, such as exhibition displays, soft textile graphics, out of home advertising, home and retail decor, point of sale and retail displays.

Here at CMYUK we cover every day graphic production with a range of materials sourced from the very best manufacturers worldwide, at a price point that gives you the edge, from banner and self adhesive vinyl through to backlit films, textile and floor graphics. We also push the boundaries of digital print production by offering cutting edge materials, to lead our customers into new emerging markets. These include the award winning a.Berger textiles, comprising of the market leading range of UV / Solvent / Latex and dye sublimation materials, the ideal partner to take you forward and join the soft signage revolution.

Utack and Udeco materials, available from CMYUK, spearhead creativity in the digital print market. Utack offers a range of innovative adhesive backed products used for multiple applications, from wall displays to retail POS and floor graphics, using either a low tack adhesive or a super tack glue for hard to stick surfaces. Udeco reaches out to the growing market of interior décor using digital print, and includes a range of 'paste the wall' coverings and floor graphic material for bespoke flooring solutions.

Recent developments within digital print technology have enabled CMYUK to add even more unique materials to its ever increasing portfolio. These include Saint Gobain optically clear window films for high end window graphics and manifestations, and Neschen Easydot vinyl with its award winning adhesive dot technology, transforming the application of expo and retail graphics. Also recently launched, Clear Focus one way vision perforated window films, providing the complete solution for one way vision graphics.

A complete range of samples are available from CMYUK and can be viewed within our Digital Material Sample Folder, along with our application wall which is on display at our Shrewsbury demonstration and training centre. View our online installation video guides for true inspiration and application tips.

With a complete bespoke ordering system - CMYUK make it easier than ever to order everyday supplies or search for materials with a creative edge. We will help you with all your questions, leveraging from our vast experience in print technology and commercial applications, offering materials that perform better.

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A complete range of our media's can be viewed within our Digital Material Sample Binder.

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