Textiles for architecture, events and retail

PONGS® for Textile architecture - Interiors is a growth market that has tripled in the last decade. The hospitality, corporate and heritage sectors have recognised both the aesthetic and practical advantage of resurfacing walls in this way, realising they can retain a high quality surface finish that can be replaced cleanly within hours, avoiding any mess or disruption. 

PONGS® Descor®  is a subtle and easy to apply frame system for fitting a one-piece stretch tension surface system that appears as a solid wall or ceiling structure. It has a diverse range of parts suitable for framing even the more complex wall shapes and fittings. This system delivers a whole new dimension in branding and personalisation.

Its innovation is compelling – it enables digitally printed designs to be fabricated into tensile structures, extending the creative possibilities of interior décor. From a practical perspective too, once the tensioning trim infrastructure has been installed, the refreshment or rebranding of any environment is clean, quick and cost effective. 

PONGS® for exhibitions and display - PONGS® offers a range of high-performance materials designed specifically for exhibition and display applications, perfect for exhibitions, retail, entertainment, projection and events.

The range includes high-quality, polyester backlit textiles used within TFS systems inside multiple environments and true creaseless display textiles designed for TFS, banners, counter and table cloths. 

The PONGS® portfolio is vast covering every application within the exhibition and retail sectors, and all materials are produced using sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods.

PONGS® Display Range: Expo and display is a key market that PONGS® service with their range of high quailty comptitively priced textiles.

PONGS® Architectural design range: Transform any space with this diverse range of top quality materials.

PONGS® Acoustic range: A highly effective solution for noise management, perfect to ensure more comfortable environments for schools, corporate spaces, gymnasiums, restaurants and more. 

PONGS® Antibac range: A bacteria-resistant textile, treated with PONGS® Sanitized® to reduce the risks of mold, bacteria and other parasites that incubate on textiles and wall surfaces. This is a perfect solution for health care settings and public places where hygiene is a priority.  

PONGS® Backlit range: Create a focal point or specific ambiance with evenly lit show-stopping backlit textiles - in the home, commercial setting or exhibition hall. Minimal yarn spacing make these textiles specists in the field.

Looking for inspiration or want to learn more - take a trip over to the PONGS® YouTube channel to take the video Tour of their historic Villa Lantz show-home which is fully decorated using the PONGS® Descor® system and range of PONGS® textiles. 

In addition to innovations behind the PONGS® range they also have strong sustainability procedures. PONGS® are constantly working hard to ensure that their products are produced in the most environmentally conscious way possible.

PONGS® | The Environment - Aware of our responsibility

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