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CMYUK is the UK's largest independent supplier of large format digital printers, cutting equipment and materials for all production environments. It offers the latest LED UV curable, textile, solvent or aqueous-based printers, the most versatile cutting and finishing products, and efficient end-to-end, productivity software. It also provides installation, training and support.

It is home to the most advanced, state-of-the-art showroom and demonstration centre in the UK. Based in Shrewsbury, this is an unrivalled, knowledge-based facility that offers matchless testing and sampling opportunities.

The leading distributor for digitally prepared materials 
CMYUK is the UK’s leading distributor of digitally prepared materials for all wide-format digital print processes. Our vast portfolio of stock offers applications for décor, display, environmental, retail, architecture, interiors, fashion, apparel and design across multiple markets and industries. 

Our unparalleled range of stunning digital-ready fabrics enable customers to take advantage of new applications and market opportunities such as textile architecture. 

Global exclusive distribution partnerships
CMYUK works exclusively with world class manufacturing partners in the joint development of materials and follows a single tier distribution model that ensures the lowest cost procurement for printers and producers. 

We have exclusive distribution partnerships with global brands such as TAYA, PONGS® and UFabrik that manufacture in some of the world’s most sustainably advanced facilities, accompanied by the ultimate green certification. 

Great strides have been made in the practical and commercial availability of eco products, and industry customers are increasingly demonstrating their appetite for change. 

Ecologically advanced material ranges
German-made PONGS® superior quality textiles are manufactured to the highest ecological standards, creating a fine balance between industry and nature. Our UFabrik range of wallcoverings, backlit, frontlit and blockout textiles made from the yarn of recycled PET bottle waste provides highly inventive solutions to the scourge of single use plastic. PVC-free Kavalan is a game changing proven replacement to traditional PVC banner material – a product that the industry has long been crying out for. 

Our extensive range of fabrics includes substantial collections for both natural and advanced polyester materials.
Technical developments in polyesters have driven high market adoption rates. They can now simulate the look and feel of natural fabrics such as wool, silk, linen and cotton. Added to which, many of these new materials are inherently flame retardant, and importantly, can be recycled. These exceptional new fabrics are perfect for a wide variety of applications across décor, interiors, fashion and apparel.  

Our DuraVibe® range of fabrics has been specifically developed to print with HP Latex inks – including cottons and linens that are suitable for decorative interiors.  

Comprehensive application-based sample binders
All our materials can be found in our application-based samples binders. Binder 1 includes all products for Décor, Display and Environmental, Binder 2 for Retail, Display and Architecture, while Binder 3 presents our stunning new collection for Interiors, Fashion and Design.  

Customers can also explore our wide selection of effective and innovative new safety products to increase safeguarding applications, and further enhance public safety service offerings. 

With a complete bespoke online ordering system, CMYUK makes it easier than ever for customers to specify materials that meet all requirements, reorder quickly, and keep track of purchasing history. 

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