CMYUK High Roller Carousel

Automated vertical storage for roll media

CMYUK High Roller Carousel


The CMYUK High Roller Carousel offers an ergonomic and practical solution.  It doesn’t take up expensive floor space, but cleverly optimises the vertical space of your production facility. It can be customised to fit the exact dimensions you require.  It looks impressive too, and actively increases your overall productivity.

Increase your storage capabilities

The high Roller Carousel significantly increases your company’s storage capacity. It ensures that all roll materials are retained in perfect condition, close at hand, ready for instant access and usage. The system will also improve inventory processes, making stock control more efficient, and therefore optimising material usage and reducing waste.

By utilising the vertical area of a building, customers can regain valuable space from inefficient storage, which may have impeded the installation of additional equipment, further impacting productivity. In comparison with traditional shelving and racking, the High Roller’s footprint is minimal.  

How it works

The High Roller is able to store and recover roll material efficiently and ergonomically, removing the need for any manual handling or time wasted searching for rolls that always seem to be at the bottom of a pile. 

A control panel allows for simple manual Up/Down press button or automatic selection of a specified roll that is delivered to operator/picker height at linear speeds between 4 and 6m per minute. 

Each roll position can be adjusted every 100mm on a handling chain – helping to maximise capacity depending on the roll diameter. The High Roller can be loaded or unloaded with an adapted manual trolley on wheels or an ergonomic lift trolley, making self-handling safe and viable. 

This is a 5 star product, which solves all your storage, health and safety issues. It not only adds to your efficiency and overall productivity but makes a real visual statement too, enhancing the ambience of your production facility. The Carousel High Roller offers your business the following benefits:

• Significantly reduces material damage
• Regains valuable space within your facility
• Easy inventory and identificatio
• Easy access and added efficiency
• Self handling
• Maximum storage
• Reduction of back pain/physical injuries 
• Further supports health and safety building regulations

Depending on the maximum diameter, several types of carousels are available in order to maximise space and capacity.

Max. roll diameter Range name Total depth
350mm Z.14 800mm
650mm Z.24 1420mm
900mm Z.34 1985mm

For further specifications please see the pdf brochure