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Hygienic and safeguarding solutions

COVID-19 has increased demand for antibacterial hygienic and safeguarding solutions.  CMYUK’s offers a number of effective and innovative new safety products and materials to boost your service offerings and increase your applications range. 

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Stay safe with PONGS® antibacterial certified textiles

An increasing number of PONGS® textiles are now available with Sanitized® hygiene protection, which neutralises the risk of bacteria, mould and other parasites that are prone to incubate on textiles and wall surfaces. 

This treatment is anti-microbial and contributes effectively to public sanitary measures, providing long-lasting protection through the controlled release of silver ions. It also complements the high performance of PONGS® products, and the Sanitized® certification remains valid even after digital printing.

PONGS® high quality, -manufactured products provide a technologically sound approach to innovative textile applications including non-permanent partition walls in settings, leisure areas, full-surface wall coverings for public, corporate and domestic buildings, a variety of display systems and much more. 

What’s more PONGS® products are flame retardant, free of PVC, antimony-halogen compounds and heavy metals, and adhere to strict environmental standards. 

DirectTex® Softimage Contrast® Anti-bac - Blockout textile

DirectTex® Artist Mambo® Anti-bac - Backlit textile

DirectTex® Softimage Creaseless Premium® Anti-bac - Display TFS textile 

DirectTex® Softimage Elastico® Anti-bac -  Stretch Display textile

Stay safe with CMYUK UTACK anti-bacterial and anti-viral films

Keeping touch surfaces clean in high traffic areas is vital. CMYUK has introduced a range of self-adhesive films to protect high-traffic areas. 
UTACK Multi Surface Vinyl – a self-adhesive base print material to create branded graphics and decals – finish with UTACK Sanitize or Super Sanitize film. 

UTACK Sanitize Film – Over-laminate graphics or use as a clear film to protect flat surfaces (anti-bac).

UTACK Super Sanitize Film – Over-laminate graphics or use as a film to protect heavy touch areas (anti-bac/anti-viral). 

Stay Safe with CMYUK’s distance materials and face masks

Floor Graphics
CMYUK’s floor graphics range provides a highly effective way to manage social distancing measures. Floor graphics products from Ritrama, UTACK, UPrint, UProtect and Asphalt offer several high quality, indoor and outdoor solutions with self-adhesive vinyls, anti-slip laminates or one-piece options. 

Floor Tape 
CMYUK has a comprehensive range of quality, self-adhesive floor tapes. These include Floor Marking tapes in a variety of colours including chevrons patterns along with Anti-slip and High Traffic Anti-slip tape.  

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Community Grade Face Masks
CMYUK’s reusable community grade facemasks are made from dual layer pure cotton offering greater hygienic comfort. Available in two different styles with back-of-head ties or behind-the-ears elastic fastenings, they can withstand 100 industrial washes at near boiling temperatures. 

Masks have stringent eco credentials and are REACH compliant with OEKO-TEX certification. Due to their longevity, they are environmentally responsible and highly cost-efficient when compared to the long-term daily use of other disposable products. 

Community masks are suitable for all types of business as well as employees, customers, the public at large and are available in children’s sizes. In the case of supermarkets, retailers or brands, these face coverings can be custom printed with company logos to match any corporate style. 

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