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Real work learning and mentoring

A six-month curriculum consisting of monthly modules has been written exclusively by industry expert, influencer, and award-winning textile designer, Debbie McKeegan, CEO of TexIntel, an independent online resource for the digital textile community.


Each module underpins the knowledge and insights required for the designers to complete monthly briefs, and is supported by a seasoned industry expert, print designer, print practitioner and mentor. There will be a final showcase at the end of the six-month period, where everyone involved will come together to celebrate the achievements of the creatives in residence.

Digital textile printing – a watershed moment

The textile industry is currently undergoing radical transformation – disrupted by digital printing capabilities and e-commerce business models. These lend themselves to on-demand personalisation for short-runs or one-off production, and just-in-time processes that dispense with the need for expensive storage or the creation of surplus items that don’t sell.


CIRL allows young creatives to fully absorb these trends and technologies, providing them with insight, experience and practical knowledge that is highly advantageous for their early career development.


Worldwide design competition

Throughout the process, the CIRL experience will be captured and shared on social media to encourage a dynamic interactive community that is exposed to all the learning experienced by the in-house creatives.


CIRL is designed to be a collaborative experience.  All design briefs will be made available online so that design students worldwide can participate. A monthly competition for each brief will be set, with winning entries evaluated by leading industry luminaries and showcased throughout.



Email: cirlive@cmyuk.com


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