JWEI JCUT Digital Cutting System

High-end, industrial, digital cutting solution

JWEI JCUT Digital Cutting System

With the exclusive JCUT digital cutting table range, we’ve read the room. By listening to our customers and applying market insights to application solutions.

Now all sign makers and digital printers can install aspirational calibre cutting and finishing performance at exceptional prices. 

  • Achieving top-tier industrial performance, this robust 1800W* router stands out with its formidable milling capabilities, promising unmatched power and precision in the realm of industrial machinery.
  • Embracing large-scale operations, our cutting-edge digital cutting system boasts an impressive width of up to 3.2 meters, complemented by customizable table lengths to cater to diverse project requirements, ensuring versatility and efficiency at every turn.
  • Simplifying the installation process, our equipment features detachable components designed to facilitate seamless setup even in spaces constrained by limited entrances, enhancing accessibility without compromising on quality or functionality.
  • Employing a cutting-edge precision gear and rack transmission system, our machinery sets new standards in accuracy and reliability, guaranteeing impeccable cutting performance with every operation, catering to the most demanding industrial needs with finesse.
  • Powered by a cutting-edge DMC motion controller, our machinery is equipped to deliver unparalleled performance metrics, boasting a maximum acceleration of 1G and a maximum speed of 1200mm/s, coupled with a remarkable precision level of ±0.05mm, ensuring superior efficiency and accuracy in every task it undertakes, setting a new benchmark for precision engineering in the industry.

*1612 has optional 350w Router

  • Framed by butt-end-joint industrial aluminum alloy profile, delivers high rigidness and base, easy for transporting and assembling, especially encounter with limit entrance.
  • Modularized cutting head with up to 3 sets of tools combinations.
  • Optional high power router assembly with vacuum cleaner system available: 1800w, max. 60,000RPM.
  • Optional Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for routing, trimming and polishing rigid plate like acrylic, PVC foam board, MDF, ABS and various plastic board.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced gantry for intense industrial production, reliable and steady*
  • Separate vacuum areas for maximum holding-down force.
  • JWCS control software included as standard with friendly interface and powerful editing and optimizing functions.

*2131 & 3230 models only





 Multi-functional machine head

Easy to change different tools. Oscillating thorough cutting/ Kiss cutting/ Creasing/ Plotting/ Laser positioning, and precise camera registration.


Various kinds of cutting blades, different size of creasing wheels.

 Safety Device

Infrared sensor, responsive, safe and reliable.

 Max. Speed

Up to 1500 mm/s

 Cutting Speed

Up to 1200 mm/s (Depends on different materials)

 Cutting Thickness

Up to 50mm (Depends on different materials)

 Cutting Material

All kinds of corrugated paperboard, cardboard, Grey board, KT board, PVC expansion sheet, honeycomb board, car sticker, light slide, PP gum, flex banner, Flag fabric, EPE foams, EVA, PVC plate, acrylic, thick foam etc.

 Repeat Precision


 Rated Power


 Material Fixing Method

Intelligent multi-sub-area vacuum absorption

 Work Command

HP-GL compliant format

 Transmission System

Famous brand servo driver, high precise linear guide-way, gear and rack meshing transmission structure


Ethernet port

 Power Supply

AC 380V ±10%

 Effective Cutting Area WxL (mm)




 Machine Size WxLxH (mm)




  • Supports preconfigured material profiles, for consistent quality and productivity
  • Supports “tags” on routed materials so even small pieces remain in place and not extracted
  • Can connect to your RIP software to share material databases
  • Supports QR codes for easy job detection
  • Traverse simulation and reordering of the job path Is automatically optimised
  • Feed optimisation for jobs longer than the bed