CMYUK is the industry pacemaker – committed to offering a choice of quality, durable and eco-responsible materials to its UK channel of print service providers and their customers. 

ecokarma is the process control by which CMYUK offers greater sustainable solutions to the markets it serves.  It ensures that we work with  brands that are making significant strides to balance high-performance quality products with environmental considerations.  It requires that supplied materials including post-consumer recycled polyesters, textiles produced from single waste PET plastics, and PVC-free materials, meet stringent environmental certification standards including LCA documentation.  It is a discipline for cleaner print production and thoughtful end-of-life strategies.

As suppliers of sustainable materials, CMYUK is invested in diverting materials away from landfill towards eco-responsible end-of-life processes. As such, we work with industry waste management specialist, Prismm Environmental that provides effective recycling nationally through a newly established infrastructure.  

Our ECO UFabrik range of materials offers a highly inventive re-purposed solution to the scourge of single use plastic waste. Made using recycled PET yarn from plastic bottles, this range is designed for multiple applications across retail, events, exhibitions and interiors.

German-made PONGS® superior quality textiles are manufactured to the highest ecological standards, creating a fine balance between industry and nature. 

PVC-free Kavalan is a game changing proven replacement to traditional PVC banner material – a product that the industry has long been crying out for.

Our DuraVibe® range of fabrics has been specifically developed to print with HP Latex inks – including cottons and linens that are suitable for decorative interiors.  

CMYUK Textiles range for dye sublimation, includes advanced polyesters and naturals

The advances in polyester compositions have ensured high market adoption rates. These man-made materials convincingly mimic the look and feel of natural fabrics – wool, silks, linens and cotton. Many of these fabrics are inherently flame retardant, and importantly, can be recycled. They are perfect for a wide variety of applications across décor, interiors, fashion and apparel.  

All our materials can be found in our application-based samples binders. Book 1 includes all products for Décor, Display and Environmental, Book 2 for Retail, Display and Architecture, Book 3 presents our stunning new collection for Interiors, Fashion and Design and Book 4 is our Naturals collection of textiles.

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