CMYUK launches UFABRIK Wallcover Canvas ECO

UFabrik Wallcover Canvas ECO FR
UFabrik Wallcover Canvas ECO FR

Premium wallcovering made from recycled plastic bottles is an industry game changer

CMYUK, the UK’s largest independent supplier of digital printers, cutters and materials announces the launch of its new UFABRIK Wallcover Canvas ECO, which is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles (rPET).

This is a ground-breaking product that is highly significant for the Display & Graphics market as it counterpoises robust ecological credentials with quality print reproduction at an attractive price point – a tripartite conundrum which until now has proved difficult to resolve.

This high performing, innovative material forms part of CMYUK’s growing own-brand portfolio for the availability of quality, fit-for-purpose, environmentally responsible products and their disposal. 

UFABRIK Wallcover Canvas ECO is a premium woven canvas that is great for art reproductions, single piece wallcoverings, display graphics and tension frame systems. It provides the safety and security of a B1 flame retardency making it suitable for use in public areas. It is compatible with latex, solvent or UV inks and available in various roll widths up to 3100mm.

Producing yarn from plastic waste involves the collection of pre and post consumer plastics that are cleaned, chopped and melted into an extruded fibre and then spun into yarn to produce a variety of new UFABRIK textiles for the digital print industry up to 5m wide.

And while the recycling of man-made materials often points towards landfill, this material is highly suitable for waste-to-energy incineration at one of several Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF) in the UK, where it is transformed through clean and safe processes into renewable power for the National Grid.

 This is an excellent material which not only delivers quality results, but which actually has an environmental integrity to it. The time for delivery of eco-compatible materials is now. This product delivers on a number of different fronts, said Joel Willcock CMYUK Key Accounts & Textile Business Development Specialist.

 “Already through word of mouth, we are seeing a great deal of interest in this material, and the fact that it comes in a variety of different widths just adds to its versatility and usability,” said Michael Crook, CMYUK Commercial Business Director. “As we continue into Q4, we will be launching other products that fulfil the same criteria performance, quality and planetary care.

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