CMYUK Opens Dedicated Material Sample Production Facility

CMYUK's dedicated production facility for Material Sample Binders
CMYUK's dedicated production facility for Material Sample Binders

CMYUK has opened a dedicated premises to facilitate production of their popular Material Sample Binders. Showcasing 80 innovative application materials, the binders are being used as the ultimate reference tool by clients. They contain materials relevant to a wide range of industries and include Laminate and Adhesives, Décor and Design, Flooring, Soft Image and Textiles.

The binders mix cutting-edge materials with popular everyday substrates and are produced 100% in-house. They showcase finishes achieved from multiple ink technologies including UV, solvent, latex and dye sublimation. With CMYUK handling the printing, cutting and collating, the production process allows the freedom to introduce new materials, keeping the binder up to date and consistently moving forward to reflect current trends.


CMYUK Opens Dedicated Material Sample Production FacilityA complete range of samples displayed on CMYUK’s Application Wall


Michael Crook, Commercial Director at CMYUK says, “The binders have proved incredibly popular. They are the ideal tool for our customers to take with them to client meetings as they highlight the latest materials, textures and finishes. We back this up with a strong consultation service, including sample material for evaluation, statements on material positioning, client visits, online application videos and product training. All of this ensures that our customers get the support they need, allowing them to position their products correctly.

As one of the largest UK suppliers of digital textile materials, CMYUK recently announced that it is launching a brand-new décor and design range.


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