CMYUK amasses stocks of PONGS® materials to support its customers and the larger, wide-format digital print industry in the wake of COVID-19


CMYUK has announced that it has increased stocks of PONGS® textiles in all its UK warehouse locations. 

In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak in China that is severely impacting the supply of goods around the world, CMYUK is offering full contingency support to the UK and Irish digital wide-format printing industries.  

Customers can also be reassured that all PONGS® best selling products will be in plentiful supply both now and in the foreseeable future.  

CMYUK has brought forward a buffer to handle increased demand from new customers who are unable to receive materials from their usual suppliers due to delays in the Chinese supply chain. 

“We’ve had several customers contact us in panic but because of our established European supply chain, clients can be confident in consistent, continuous availability of PONGS® materials. Given what we know about the Chinese ordering, manufacturing and fulfillment cycles, we anticipate the shortage of materials in the UK will start to manifest by April/May and we will be ready,” said Robin East, Marketing Director, CMYUK. 

Bernd Lautenbach, CEO at PONGS® said, “Our company is ideally equipped to deliver when demand increases due to the collapse of competitors’ existing supply chains. Customers can expect the usual PONGS® premium quality materials that are made in Germany.” 

Robin East, continued, “The Corona virus is disrupting industries across the world.  All of us hope that it can be contained, a vaccine developed plus the illness and death to stop.” 

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