CMYUK launches the Klieverik VERTEX heat press

Klieverik Vertex - Hybrid Transfer Printing Calender
Klieverik Vertex - Hybrid Transfer Printing Calender

An affordable compact Calender for high-growth applications, and a perfect partner for HP Latex and all sublimation printers

CMYUK has launched VERTEX, a new hybrid transfer printing calender from Klieverik. This is a highly affordable heat press with a compact footprint, designed for customers looking to expand into high-growth applications within décor, soft furnishings, fashion, sportwear and apparel. 

With a working width of 1650mm, it can handle both single pieces and roll-to-roll fabrics. This highly competitively-priced calender features all the qualities associated with the Klieverik brand – robust build-quality, low operating costs, an oil-filled heat drum that facilitates consistent brilliant colour reproduction and high print definition plus an ingenious belt tracking system for right-first-time production. 


Optimised for ease of use, VERTEX is able to cope with the widest range of fabrics and applications. It is perfect for sublimating PES (polyesters), the process where a design is transferred onto a fabric using ink and heat. Designs are printed onto Sublimation paper and when heat pressed onto fabric, the heated inks transform into a gas and fuses into the structure of the material. Effects are permanent, resulting in high quality durable prints that display high colour, crock and wash-fastness. 

VERTEX can cope with volume rolls of sublimation printing or by using the infeed table single fabric pieces can also be pressed. Fabric and printed paper are tensioned controlled together via air pressure. A compact but highly advanced touch screen pad provides easy control. 

In addition to the printing of PES materials, VERTEX can also be used for setting pigment inks onto natural materials such as cottons and linens for fashion, apparel, decorative soft furnishings and interiors for harder wearing, fade resistant printing

It is also a perfect companion for heat fixing the DuraVibe® range of soft furnishing textiles developed for use with HP Latex ink technology. By using a calender press, HP Latex owners have the ability to offer soft furnishings and homewares that are fit for purpose – durable, with high crock-fastness and the ability to withstand frequent washing. 

Brett Platt, Textile Business Manager CMYUK said, “VERTEX is an extremely versatile machine that opens up a number of possibilities at an accessible price. This heat press can handle a whole range of materials from natural fibres through to specialist DuraVibe® materials and polyesters. With its smaller footprint too, and its ability to cope with single piece fabrics, it’s going to make that step into the high-growth opportunities within the fashion, décor and interiors market very easy indeed.” 

VERTEX is available at the entry-level price of just £23,995. 

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