CMYUK launches the High Roller Carousel storage system

CMYUK High Roller Carousel
CMYUK High Roller Carousel

Taking media roll storage to new heights, saving time, money and regaining valuable production space

CMYUK has launched the High Roller Carousel, an ergonomic and practical solution to the storage of roll media.

Accommodating wide format roll material is a tricky business, and an issue that all PSPs are faced with. All too often rolls are left on the floor or placed on unsuitable racking, where they become dirty and damaged. Bad storage is inefficient, wastes time and money.

The CMYUK High Roller Carousel cleverly optimises the vertical space of a production facility, and by doing so, allows customers to regain valuable floor space from inefficient storage, which may have impeded the installation of additional equipment – impacting productivity.  In comparison with traditional shelving and racking, the footprint of the High Roller is minimal. 

How it works

The High Roller is able to store and recover roll material efficiently and safely, removing the need for any manual handling or time wasted searching for rolls that always seem to be at the bottom of a pile.

A control panel allows for simple manual Up/Down press button or automatic selection of a specified roll that is delivered to operator/picker height at linear speeds between 4 and 6m per minute.

Each roll position can be adjusted every 100mm on a handling chain – helping to maximise capacity depending on the roll diameter. The High Roller can be loaded or unloaded with an adapted manual trolley on wheels or an ergonomic lift trolley, making self-handling safe and viable.

Sizes and configurations

A modular system, it comes in 13 different heights, 3 types of handling chain options, and offers several ranges rated on the external diameter sizes of a roll, which can go up to 980mm, in widths from 2-6m.

The High Roller is often positioned against a wall, but it can be sited in the middle of a room for double-sided access, or conveniently placed behind a printer or cutting table.

Dramatically increasing storage facilities

The system significantly increases a company’s storage capacity, and ensures that all roll materials are retained in perfect condition close at hand, ready for instant access and usage. The system will also improve inventory processes, making stock control more efficient, optimising material usage and reducing waste.

CMYUK will organise a site survey offering guidance on configuration, sizing and storage capacity. It comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Robin East, Sales and Marketing Director at CMYUK said, “The need for fit-for-purpose efficient storage is an issue that resonates with many print service providers. This system offers the perfect solution. The fact that it can be fully customised to make the most of unused vertical space whilst freeing up valuable production floor areas, makes it a highly worthwhile investment.”

Editors’ notes

This is a 5 star product, which solves storage, health and safety issues all at once.  It offers the following immediate benefits:

  • Significantly reduces material damage
  • Regains valuable space within a facility
  • Easy inventory and identification
  • Easy access and added efficiency
  • Self handling
  • Maximum storage
  • Reduction of back pain/physical injuries
  • Further supports health and safety building regulations

For more information, please refer to the High Roller Carousel video here.

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