Free workflow audits from CMYUK

Adrian Rushton, MX Display and Amira Bouchiba, CMYUK with an EFI VUTEk h5 from CMYUK
Adrian Rushton, MD, MX Display and Amira Bouchiba, Manager of the CMYUK EFI Academy

Report findings gives MX Display sharper strategic direction

Derby-based MX Display has recently undergone an extensive workflow audit from CMYUK. Available free of charge to all EFI customers, this service provides a comprehensive evaluation of a PSP’s prepress, printing and finishing processes. Recommendations and next steps are detailed in a subsequent personalised report designed to increase productivity and profitability.  

The assessment was carried out by Amira Bouchiba, Manager of the EFI Academy, CMYUK’s highly respected knowledge and training resource established not only to offer EFI customers production audits but also bespoke training, refresher sessions, and general workshops.  

“It’s been a really positive experience. It’s certainly not a sales gimmick,” says Adrian Rushton, MD at Nottingham-based MX Display.  “Amira has come in and given us an honest appraisal of how we do things and provided us with an understanding of how things could work going forward. Her report has given me lots to think about, and has opened up debate.

“Amira obviously has a great deal of experience and first-hand knowledge of many similar businesses to ours, so, it was reassuring to know that there are things here that we do well,  and we’re not missing anything obvious. Our report highlighted opportunities for us to enter a new strategic phase of development,  to consider levels of automation, our pre-press processes, and RIP issues,” says Adrian. 

EFI Audits 

The MX Display audit follows on the back of the company’s purchase of an EFI VUTEk h5, (although EFI customers do not need to have purchased new equipment to access this service). Audits generally last a day and it is recommended that they be carried out during busy periods so Amira can get an unrestricted view of all working processes. 

Analysis typically begins in pre-press and then follows live jobs as they progress through the production workflow.   Other vital company processes such as the overall integration of the CRM is also reviewed.  After the visit, a report is produced, identifying areas of enhancement, which could include:

• How automation of job file data from CRM all the way through production can be improved.

• What knowledge gaps need to be filled to ensure workflow production reaches and maintains peak performance.

• Where best practice needs to be applied.

All recommendations are finely tailored to an individual company and should a business wish CMYUK to implement the recommended measures, the cost is £495.00 per day plus expenses.

Food for thought

A main area identified for improvement at the company was the role of the artwork studio in pre-press, to develop a broader understanding of the actual printing operation. 

“The report highlighted the issue of where the responsibilities lie between the art working studio, operator and printing equipment. Where does that split come in, where does the decision to nest or print actually take place? This has led to interesting discussions and certainly given me food for thought,” says Adrian. 

CMYUK relationship

MX Display has long been a customer of CMYUK, purchasing both printing equipment and roll media supplies from the company. “I’ve known CMYUK for years, and Robin East really understands the commercial imperatives of a business.  For example, he was instrumental in ensuring that the first part of our recent h5 installation happened over the weekend, and when we came up against any issues, he was there at the end of the phone,” says Adrian.

Once the install was completed, Amira was on-site for two days onboarding the operators.  “It’s alright for me, I just buy the machine, and then say to the operators off you go. They don't want to tell me that they don't know what they're doing, or if there's something they're not sure of.  Having Amira in for those couple of days once the machine was signed over to us, really helped us avoid pain along the way. The guys felt really supported, which is important, and we were able to hit the ground running,” he says.

A sharper, more resilient company

The MX Display that has emerged from Lockdown is a leaner company, which has made a significant investment in technology. It is positioning itself to become more automated and efficient, and the CMYUK audit has helped to further support this forward-thinking strategy. 

“The Audit is a very worthwhile service which brings real value to our EFI customers,” says Amira. “It’s an excellent opportunity for all EFI users to undergo a forensic evaluation designed to help them incorporate the best practices and up to date knowledge within their daily routines. Streamlined efficiency enhances productivity, leading to greater satisfaction and higher profitability.”

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