Greater production efficiencies and web-to-print services driving the demand for automation software

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CMYUK sees a rise in enquiries for Enfocus products

Greater automation and web-to-print print services are driving a higher than usual rate of enquiries for Enfocus software at CMYUK. 

With Covid plunging so many businesses into market uncertainty, the need to automate has never been more pressing. 

“Enfocus products are all about making production super-efficient and automating daily repetitive tasks, freeing-up highly skilled staff to concentrate on more bespoke and therefore higher value jobs,” says Amira Bouchiba, Manager of the CMYUK Academy, who is responsible for overseeing the integration of these products into customer workflows.

“The Pandemic has also acted as a watershed between the digital and physical environments.  Those businesses that have taken steps for greater online presence and multiply their revenue streams through web-to-print functionality need to make sure that online ordering works through their MIS or CRM systems and into their workflow. Enfocus Switch for example, automates the whole process from the initial order all the  way to the press. It’s transformational in terms of efficiency and offers businesses significant cost-savings,” she adds. 

Enfocus is the only platform on the market that automates production processes regardless of what print applications or devices are used.  CMYUK offers the following Enfocus products: 

Enfocus Pitstop Pro is the industry standard for PDF validation.  It monitors multiple file submission points such as FTP servers, e-mails and network hot folders and intelligently routes files for PDF pre-flight and correction. It automates all repetitive processes through the creation of action lists that can be as complex as needed, depending on what your usual physical studio check lists are. Not only does it flag up anomalies, it also repairs them and creates reports that point out specific issues and exactly where those issues occur in the PDF files.

Enfocus Pitstop Server brings powerful quality control and automation features to the PDF production process by monitoring multiple file submission points such as FTP servers, e-mails and network hot folders. It intelligently routes files for PDF pre-flight and correction and fully automates production file archiving.

Enfocus Switch  connects business systems into a single seamless workflow. It eliminates errors, reduces repetitive tasks and increases productivity.  A modular solution that is built around the Switch Core Engine, this automation driver enables customers to use job and file information for automated routing and processing. A further selection of ten automation modules are available to be added if and when required. The Web Services Module for example, allows users to integrate their web portals into existing workflows; the SwitchClient Module allows jobs to be submitted and routed using a browser; while the Database Module provides a direct read and write connection to any SQL data source. 

Says Amira, “After the challenging periods of Lockdown, automation has become a strong area of focus for many businesses.  Enfocus products offer a number of clever solutions that reflect a wide range of automation requirements that can be implemented when needed.”

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