EFI rates UFabrik eco materials as the ultimate for frontlit/backlit applications

UFabrik Opaque Textile ECO FR being printed on an EFI printer
EFI has given UFabrik eco materials from CMYUK a resounding endorsement

EFI has given UFabrik eco materials from CMYUK a resounding endorsement after testing UFabrik Backlit Textile ECO and UFabrik Opaque Textile ECO at its Customer Experience Facility in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

The evaluation was carried out by Sean Roberts, Manager of EFI Customer Experience Centres and Applications Teams Worldwide, who afterwards said, “My team sees thousands of materials come through the demonstration centre every year, and they are always looking for efficient solutions that they could run.  As operators, they’ve got years of production experience, and they like materials that run really well – which these materials do – and to do it from an environmentally conscious standpoint is amazing.”  

UFabrik Backlit ECO is an innovative frontlit/backlit textile produced from 100% recycled PET plastic bottle waste, top coated for use with UV and Latex inks. “Our customers are always asking us for something that will works well for SEGs and light frames that tension well with no bruising or marking, and this material cuts the bill every time,” said Sean.  

UFabrik Opaque Textile ECO is an innovative blockout textile designed for ultimate colour reproduction with UV and Latex inks. It has a unique white print face made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, with  a grey/black woven reverse made from 100% polyester, which ensures complete blockout plus total scratch and scrub resistance. 

This is a highly sustainable textile comprising 50% recycled content with 100% recyclable afterlife. It is suitable for a host of applications including back/front projections, banners, blackout, display systems, soft signage, exhibitions and events.

“It holds really nice drop, and has a beautiful soft hand. I think it would be great for front lit applications out there,” said Sean, adding, “I would have no reservation recommending either of the UFabrik materials to anyone of our customers.”

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