CMYUK launches 3 new materials sample binders

CMYUK Material Samples Binders
CMYUK launches 3 new materials sample binders

Showcasing the widest choice of materials, textiles and fabrics for wide format digital printing

Binder 1 – Décor, display and environmental applications

Binder 2 – Exhibitions, retail and textile architecture

Binder 3 – Interiors, fashion and design

CMYUK has launched a samples almanac that showcases the widest range of sign and display materials, textiles and digital-ready fabrics currently available to digital wide format print producers.

Samples are presented in three binders that are conveniently arranged according to application and market sector.   They are available in both physical and online virtual formats.  The scope of the materials available further reinforces CMYUK’s innovation status as the leading materials provider for all wide format printing applications in traditional and new high-yield non-traditional markets.  

Binder 1: Leading with Eco innovation

Over the past four years, CMYUK has been working exclusively with world class manufacturing partners in the joint development of advanced green materials. Binder one presents innovative new textiles such as UFabrik ECO products produced with yarn from recycled plastic bottle waste, perfect for frontlit/backlit applications in retail, events and exhibitions, light management, soft signage, staging, events, front/back projections, wallcoverings and staple wrap-around frames. PVC-free Kavalan is an end-of-life responsible sustainable banner range that  is a proven, high performance alternative to traditional polluting PVC banner.

Binder 2: Highlighting textile architectural opportunities

Binder 2 houses all the latest developments in materials for exhibitions, retail and textile architecture for interiors, a growth market that has tripled in the last decade.  The hospitality, corporate and heritage sectors have recognised both the aesthetic and practical advantage of resurfacing walls in this way, realising they can retain a high-quality surface finish that can be replaced cleanly within hours, avoiding any mess or disruption.

Binder 3: Exceptional fabrics for interiors, décor, design and clothing

Binder 3 is a testament to advancements in digital textile printing. The stunning collection of recyclable polyester-based materials represent a broad range of textures and finishes that emulate the look and handle of natural fabrics – including linen, cotton, silk, satin and velvet, many with inherent flame-retardant properties – essential requirements for upholstery and decorative interiors.

Décor market thrust for HP Latex

CMYUK is also the exclusive distributor for the HP accredited DuraVibe® range of textiles in the UK and Ireland. Engineered specifically for use with HP Latex printers, these fabrics open up potential new market opportunities and revenue streams for Latex owners.

Michael Crook, Business Development Director CMYUK said, “We are very proud of our new sample materials portfolio. We have the widest range of products showcased from display film all the way through to sporting apparel, and every conceivable application in between. 

“We anticipate a great deal of interest around many of our new products. The recyclable polyesters are simply stunning. They are able to replicate traditional wool weaves as well as diaphanous silks. The new eco textile wallcoverings are already in high demand, and our DURAVIBE® materials offer a whole new vista for HP Latex owners.  Our stunning new sample binders plus online advice from a  dedicated account manager, guarantees the right materials for all applications from display to décor and fashion.” 

All sample folders can be viewed online here.  For customers who wish to request a physical binder set, complete the quick enquiry form and a dedicated account manager will be in touch.

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