CMYUK joins with Highcon Systems to deliver digital converting to the UK folding carton and corrugated packaging market

Highcon Euclid 5C
Highcon Euclid 5C

CMYUK has been appointed as the UK go-to-market partner for Highcon Systems Ltd, the leader in digital die cutting and creasing for the folding carton and corrugated converting industry.

The Highcon portfolio of digital finishing equipment has replaced analogue die-making and slow set-up processes with innovative digital automated capabilities for fast, flexible turnaround, and the capacity to perform a wider range of applications in house.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Highcon Systems, and we are totally aligned with its strategy of innovation and overall market view,” said Robin East, Sales and Marketing Director, CMYUK.  “CMYUK has a great deal of experience in digital finishing. We are the exclusive UK distributor for Kongsberg, which enjoys a 93% market share in packaging where it dominates templating and prototyping.

“The post-printing environment for carton and corrugated packaging has long been ripe for digital disruption, and this is exactly what Highcon has set out to do. Its solutions are designed to keep abreast of market demands that are increasingly driven by multi-channel e-commerce, personalisation, versioning, on-demand printing, faster lead times, and ecological accountability.

“Over the years, CMYUK has successfully migrated many multi-million-pound companies from analogue to digital processes, helping them achieve transformational productivity, efficiency and growth. We have some of the best technical people in the industry in-house, supporting customers in their journey to greater efficiencies and competitiveness,” he added.

“CMYUK represents manufacturers with the most versatile cutting and finishing products, and efficient end-to-end, productivity software. They have a really strong go-to market strategy and are already acquainted with many of our target customers.  There are a great deal of untapped opportunities in the UK, and we are sure that our relationship with CMYUK will be very successful,” said Steve Donegal, Highcon Regional Sales Manager UK and Ireland. 

Digital benefits

CMYUK will be offering the entire portfolio of Highcon’s products including the Highcon Beam 2C non-stop configuration, and Highcon Euclid 5C for corrugated packaging, Highcon Beam 2, Highcon Euclid 5, and Highcon Euclid 5S for folding carton products. Installations of all these products are already running production with leading corrugated and folding carton converters across the world.

“The vast majority of packaging companies need to get to grips with the current requirements of time to market and short runs that analogue systems just can’t match. Die cutting can sometimes take days to produce, companies have warehouses full of dies in the hope that the jobs they were made for will be repeated, and if they don’t, they just end-up in landfill, which is a real waste of environmental opportunity,” said Steve.

A digital die costs significantly less than a conventional die, and can be ready in minutes rather than weeks or days. While conventional packaging design can take up to 6 months from concept to production, the digital process totally eliminates the need to order, produce, ship and make a traditional die. Digital also boosts sustainability targets, as the wood, metal and rubber required for analogue dies are eliminated, as is the need for their subsequent transportation and storage.

CMYUK’s Robin East said, “Highcon’s digital converting technology offers brands complete compromise-free solutions that are tailored to meet their requirements. Set-up takes minutes rather than hours, with the benefits of last-minute changes. Brands  have the opportunity to really push their creativity to the limits to produce unique, eye catching packaging.  We’re witnessing the last vestiges of the industrial era, CMYUK is excited to play its part in ushering in the final episode of the digital  revolution.”

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