CMYUK now UK & Ireland distributor for Gerber MCT laser cutters

Scott Schinlever, President & COO Automation Solutions at Gerber Technology.
Scott Schinlever, President & COO Automation Solutions at Gerber Technology.

CMYUK, the UK’s largest independent supplier of wide-format digital printers, cutting equipment and materials has been appointed as the UK and Ireland distributor for Gerber’s MCT Laser Cutters.

This significant agreement further accentuates CMYUK’s premier position as the de facto solutions provider for digitally printed textiles and finishing for these regions. 

Scott Schinlever, President and COO, Automation Solutions, Gerber Technology said, “It’s a natural fit. The UK is the second largest Western out-of-home signage market in the world, following the US. With CMYUK’s position in the market, I see it as a huge opportunity for us together to serve CMYUK’s growing customer base with digital finishing and workflow software. 

This arrival of the Gerber MCT Laser Cutter perfectly complements the full CMYUK digital cutting portfolio that services the sign, graphics and soft signage markets. 

Laser cutting is perfect for anyone who wants to get into soft signage, textiles and flags,” said Nick Reed, CMYUK’s digital cutting specialist and ESKO Business Manager. “The ability to eliminate the need for sewing is such a compelling advantage, and one which is set to be such a strong focus for the near to medium term.

“We are witnessing huge demand for soft furnishing, interior décor and personalisation within the digitally printed textile market.  These need to be cut with a laser, which not only handles irregular shapes with ease, but also seals raw edges. Further down the line, prototyping, fast fashion and highly customisable short-runs will be screaming out for this type of finishing,” he added.

The Gerber MCT Cutter is equipped with a high-powered laser that delivers heat-sealed, non-fraying edges, and cuts accurately every time. The revolutionary system offers highly reliable ‘no-touch’ laser cutting to ensure no accidental lifting or moving of the fabrics while cutting.

By implementing a singular Gerber MCT Cutter, a company can offer a wider range of jobs without the need for multiple machines. The innovative system offers 8-12 times the throughput and productivity compared to manual cutting while also reducing waste through close nesting of parts. 

 “Digital textile printing is expected to grow exponentially between now and 2021,” said Scott Schinlever, COO, Gerber Technology. “Our partnership with CMYUK will help drive innovation in the evolving market by providing PSPs with a cutting-edge solution that will help them tackle any challenge that they are faced with.”  

Robin East, CMYUK said of the agreement: “We are delighted to be partnering with Gerber with its MCT laser cutter. CMYUK is known for its proactive stance in digital textiles, and this cutter is a perfect product for our customers who are moving into the new lucrative sectors that innovations in printer technology, materials and finishing equipment collectively offer.  The Gerber MCT Laser Cutter provides the opportunity for PSPs and other non-traditional display graphics businesses to position themselves in the forefront of new trends and developments, which we, with our dedicated digital textile printing consultancy can ably help to facilitate.” 

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