CMYUK appointed a direct channel partner for Epson SC-F Series dye sublimation printers

EPSON SureColor F6300
EPSON SureColor F6300

The expanded paper dye sublimation series includes Epson’s first A4 desktop printer, its first 24-inch tabletop printer, and its first genuine fluorescent ink printer

CMYUK has been appointed a direct channel partner for Epson’s newly expanded SC-F Series of paper dye sublimation printers. Developed in-house by Epson, the series delivers innovation at every level for sports, apparel, interiors, homeware, décor, gift and promotional applications. 

The updated dye sub paper SC-F series was developed in-house by Epson, and combines its superior ink formulations with innovative technology.  It features three firsts for Epson: an A4 desktop, 24-inch table-top, and a genuine 64-inch-wide fluorescent ink printer. 

“CMYUK has a strong reputation for textiles. We have been servicing the dye sublimation market with high-quality paper,  direct-to-textile printers, and heat presses for many years. We also offer extensive ranges of stunning digitally prepared fabrics,” said Robin East, Sales Director, CMYUK.  “Partnering with Epson enhances our service offerings even further, and we are particularly excited about its latest desktop dye sublimation printers that will certainly satisfy the pent-up demand of the flourishing small home business sector.”

Phil McMullin, Sales Manager, Pro Graphics Products, Epson UK  said: “CMYUK has a reputation for quality, and for understanding the needs of a wide range of printers from the smallest company to the largest organisations. Its leading position in textile consumables brings exceptional benefits to the Epson dye sublimation products – we know that higher quality fabrics used in production result in better print quality.  It makes every sense for us to partner with a company that has the credibility and a complete offering.”

The updated range SC-F paper sublimation range

SureColor SC-F100 is Epson’s first A4 dye sublimation printer. With the footprint of an A4 desktop printer, the SC-F100 is perfect for producing promotional goods and personalised gifts such as mugs, key fobs, phone covers and other small merchandise items. It also meets the needs of textile producers who want to create bespoke products including small bags, aprons, lanyards and cushions.

The SureColor SC-F500 is another Epson first – a 24-inch tabletop dye sublimation printer.  Designed to expand business opportunities with high- quality printing on a wide range of gifts and promotional goods. It’s perfect for printed phone covers, mugs, mouse mats, t-shirts and cushions at fast turnaround times, and requires no specialist knowledge to set-up, operate or maintain.

SureColor SCF-6300 roll-to-roll printer

With a roll width of 44-inches, this is Epson’s mid-range paper dye sublimation printer. Again, requiring no specialist tools or knowledge to operate, this printer is designed for textile producers, promotional goods businesses and photographic studios.

SureColor SC-F7200  is a complete solution for printing highest quality textiles and soft signage. This printer is designed for single-operator material loading with automatic tensioning. Owners have the option to add High-Definition Black ink (HDK) to enhance black density when printing onto specialist fabrics.

SureColor SC-F9400 has been developed primarily for fast, high-volume printing for clothing, textiles and soft signage, as well as other printed merchandise. It has a maximum speed of 108.6m2/h for fast turnarounds. The updated settings deliver a lower tension and accurate registration, which improves take-up and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by using lower- weight sublimation papers. 

SureColor SC-F9400H is another new innovation in the series giving Epson its first genuine fluorescent ink, paper dye-sublimation solution. Businesses can now print hard to miss yellow and pink to create striking sportswear, workwear and get-you-noticed fashion apparel.

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