Mimaki TX300P-1800B Textile Printer

Mimaki's hugely popular furnishings, fashion, retail, soft signage and exhibition graphics printer.

With its winning combination of quality, high speed and innovative automated belt-fed conveyance system, the Mimaki Tx300P-1800B has been developed to print direct to a broad range of natural and man-made fabrics. Particularly effective for printing on modern stretchable materials, the Tx300P-1800B is ideally suited to the production of fashion, clothing and soft furnishings.
  • Maximum print speed of 50m2/h (Draft speed – in 4-colour mode)
  • Sublimation, disperse, reactive & acid dye and textile pigment inks
  • Belt transfer system for accurate print on stretchable or thin fabrics
  • Mimaki Bulk Ink System (MBIS) and large volume ink packs
  • Latest Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS)
  • Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) ensures reliable continuous print operation
  • Adjustable head gap setting for thick and woven textiles
Wide Choice Of Ink Types

Sublimation, disperse, pigment, reactive and acid inks ensure almost any natural or man-made fabric can be printed to, with vibrant and long-lasting results.

Belt Transfer System For Optimum Fabric Feeding

Mimaki’s advanced fabric-feed technology incorporates a ‘sticky belt’ transport system to ensure high levels of accuracy and image quality even when working on stretchable fabrics.

Mimaki Advanced Pass System

MAPS incorporates an advanced algorithm for printing boundaries between swaths giving you beautiful quality prints with a uniform appearance.

Nozzle Check Unit

The NCU automatically checks nozzles and cleans them if required.

Nozzle Recovery System

The NRS automatically substitutes defective nozzles giving uninterrupted operation.

Variable Dot Technology

Variable Dot Technology enables the printer to print in 3 different dot sizes (small, medium and large) to create high quality images with smooth gradations.

Exhibition Graphics
Exhibition Graphics
Retail POS
Retail POS