Mimaki TX300P-1800

Mimaki's hugely popular furnishings, fashion, retail, soft signage and exhibition graphics printer.

Mimaki TX300P-1800

A high quality, versatile, direct-to-textile printer; the Tx300P-1800 is Mimaki's hugely popular furnishings, fashion, retail, soft signage and exhibition graphics printer.

  • Maximum print speed of 68m2 /h 
  • Sublimation, disperse, reactive and acid dye, plus textile pigment inks
  • Advanced Textile Feeding Mechanism for optimum fabric tension
  • Latest Mimaki MAPS4 Advanced Pass System
  • Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) ensures reliable continuous print operation
  • Cockling reduction transfer mechanism for higher quality print
  • High head gap setting for thick and woven textiles
High Head Gap Setting For Thicker Textiles

When printing on raised fibre surface textiles, a high head gap setting is required to prevent contact between the printhead and any raised fibres. On conventional models, a restricted head gap reduces the accuracy of ink droplet placement. The new Tx300P employs an advanced printhead with a high head gap to ensure accurate ink droplet placement, thereby enabling high quality printing onto a wide variety of fabric types.

Advanced Textile Feeding Mechanism For Optimum Fabric Tension

Stable feeding and transportation is crucial for high quality, accurate direct to textile printing. Advanced technology on the Tx300P achieves this while maintaining optimum tension through the fabric.

Mimaki Advanced Pass System

MAPS incorporates an advanced algorithm for printing boundaries between swaths giving you beautiful quality prints with a uniform appearance.

Nozzle Check Unit

The NCU automatically checks nozzles and cleans them if required.

Nozzle Recovery System

The NRS automatically substitutes defective nozzles giving uninterrupted operation.

Variable Dot Technology

Variable Dot Technology enables the printer to print in 3 different dot sizes (small, medium and large) to create high quality images with smooth gradations.

Exhibition Graphics
Exhibition Graphics
Retail POS
Retail POS

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