Mimaki Tiger600-1800TS Dye Sublimation Printer

Mimaki Tiger600-1800TS Dye Sublimation Printer

The Digital Textile Printing Revolution: High-Speed and High-Quality Now Available
Maximum Printing Velocity: 550 square meters per hour

Presenting the "Tiger600-1800TS" sublimation transfer inkjet textile printer, showcasing an impressive maximum printing speed of 550 square meters per hour—an outstanding 143% increase compared to its predecessor. This leap is attributed to the revamped high-speed printhead and proprietary image enhancement technologies, ensuring unparalleled quality and speed. This advancement is poised to accelerate the digital transformation within the textile printing industry.

Highlights of the High-speed Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Printer "Tiger600-1800TS":

  • Maximum output speed of 550 square meters per hour
  • Enhanced Transfer Paper Transport Mechanism ensures stable printing, even with thin transfer paper
  • Compact and Lightweight Design facilitates easy installation
  • Ink System Design and Support Functions for continuous and stable production
  • Utilizes Ultra-Safe Eco Sublimation Transfer Ink and Specialized Textile Software for optimal results.

Next-Generation Tiger: Unparalleled Productivity and Superior Image Quality
Maximum print speed: 550 m2/h

Mimaki's original print technology and mechanism design, together with a new high-speed drive print head. The new "Tiger" was born with high productivity and image quality, setting the stage for the future of digital textile printing.

"Tiger600-1800TS" with Mimaki's accumulated technologies, embodies practical image quality and productivity for textile and fashion applications.
It is a product that brings you to the world of sustainable digital textile printing.

Space-Saving and Lightweight Design for Easier Installation

Both transfer paper set-up and take-out can be performed from one-side

  • Operation footprint reductions : Approx. 50% vs previous model
  • Product weight reductions : Approx. 80% vs previous model

Greatly easing installation location restrictions

  • easier for customers to install the system

Advanced Transfer Paper Transport Mechanism:
Stable Printing even with Thin Transfer Paper!

The Tiger600-1800TS features a newly designed wrinkle-removing roller within its transport system.
Previously, transport tension-induced wrinkles on the transfer paper led to cockling, causing the print head to touch the paper.

The newly designed roller allows wrinkles to escape when transport tension is applied, effectively preventing any contact between the print head and the transfer paper.
Ensuring stable transport of thin paper helps reducing running cost.

Ink System Design and Support Functions for Continuous and Stable Production

A new ink system design implemented to reduce the risk of nozzle dropout during operation. The system is also equipped with support functions to ensure that customers can continue working even in the event of nozzle clogging.

NRS: Nozzle Recovery System
Even when head cleaning does not clear nozzle clog, productivity can be maintained.

Head Select Function
The print process can be continued using the available range of print heads when large number of nozzles are clogged.
*Productivity varies depending on the usable range of print heads.

Shape Your Expression as Desired with Ultra-Safe Eco Sublimation Transfer Ink and Specialized Textile Software

MLSb510: Highly Safe Eco Sublimation Transfer Ink

High density and wide color gamut MLSb510, delivers vivid and striking results.
MLSb510 is also safe and environmentally friendly, boasting ECO PASSPORT certification, and is certified ZDHC MRSL Conformance Lv.3.

TxLink4: More Advanced Textile RIP Software for Professional Use


 On-demand piezo head

 Number of heads

 8 unitss (4 in-lined x 2 staggered layout)

 Print resolutions

 300, 600dpi

 Maximum print width

 1,850 mm (72.8")

 Minimum print width

 210 mm (8.3")

 Maximum media width

 1,900 mm (74.8")

 Paper core diameter

 3 inches

 Media roll diameter

 Φ600mm or less (≤ 23.6")

 Media weight

 300kg or less (≤ 661.4 lb.)


 Sublimation Transfer MLSb510 (BL/M/Y/K)


 10kg ink Tank


 Ethernet 10GB-T, USB2.0 (Removable Disk)

 Operation method
 Operation software

 Built-in touch panel
 Exclusive Software MPC (Mimaki Print Controller)

 RIP Software

 TxLink4 Standard / Professional


 ETL compliant with IEC62368-1, CE marking (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive, Machinery Directive)
 CB certification / RoHS / REACH / RCM / KC certification / UKCA


 3φ 380-415V ± 5%, 50/60Hz ± 1%, 25A
 Operational environment


 20-30 degC / 68-77 degF


 35 - 65% Rh (Non condensing)

 Dust level

 0.15㎎/㎥ or less (Equivalent to a general office floor level)

 Maximum operating altitude

 Power consumption

 Max. operating

 15.0kW or less


 1.0kW or less

 Dimensions (W×D×H)

 5,300x2,800x1,900mm (209x110x75")


 1,620kg or less (≤3,572 lb.) *1 *2

*1: Total of entire system
*2: paper and ink weight are excluded

Ink Set

 Bl M Y K
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