Mimaki JV300-160plus Inkjet Printer

Achieve high quality faster, wide-format inkjet printer

Mimaki JV300-160plus Inkjet Printer

Utilizing the latest Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS4), the JV300-160plus delivers high-quality printing at an accelerated speed. This improved efficiency, combined with eco-solvent inks, provides both ecological and economic benefits. Additionally, it features a new take-up device capable of handling rolls up to 45kg, preventing media shifting and ensuring smooth production.

  • New Mimaki Eco-cartridge 600ml SS21 ink packs enhance production efficiency
  • 8-color configuration with SS21 inks allows for up to 95% of the Pantone Coated range
  • Reduced operating costs with Mimaki BS4 solvent-based ink
  • MAPS4 minimizes banding and uneven color
  • New take-up device supports rolls up to 45kg to prevent media shifting
  • NCU & NRS ensure uninterrupted continuous printing

Choose between solvent or dye sublimation


  • From text and illustrations to photographs, the combination of Mimaki’s unique inkjet technology and solvent ink delivers vibrant high quality print results

Dye sublimation

  • The combination of fast drying water based sublimation ink and Mimaki inkjet technology produces beautiful, high-quality vibrant colour printing on polyester fabrics

600ml eco pack

SS21 ink is now available in eco-friendly 600ml packs

  • The new SS21 600ml ink pack reduces ink costs by approximately 15% compared to the previous 440ml packs
  • Higher ink capacity reduces the need to replace the cartridge, making it efficient and economical
  • Mimaki eco cases are reusable for the larger 600ml ink bags
  • 600ml packs are available in CMYK only, but can be combined with 440ml cartridges of other colours

Stunning quality with SS21 inks

SS21 with orange ink

  • Newly formulated SS21 orange ink, SPC‐0501Or‐2, provides a wider colour gamut range, enabling higher colour accuracy, better vibrancy, smoother image gradations and greater outdoor durability
  • Covering approx. 94.8% of the PANTONE coated colour chart, 7% more compared to 4C
  • The large colour gamut makes it possible to reproduce more corporate colours

SS21 with light black ink

  • High quality monochrome colour reproduction with the new Light-Black ink
  • High colour balance without colour shifting, reproducing high quality, smooth grey output

SS21 high density white ink

  • Vivid colour printing on transparent/coloured media, by under-laying white ink before printing the colours
  • Higher opacity is attained by using a larger ink droplet

New take-up device

Heavy take-up device

  • An improved standard-included take-up system designed for handling a wide range of media up to 45kg

Newly designed Media Edge Guide

  • A standard accessory that guides the media during take-up and results in perfect winding without skewing


Automatic maintenance for uninterrupted printing

  • Continuous unattended operation by combining the Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS)
  • Requires less operator maintenance time and less media waste, compared to competitors

MAPS4 for high image quality

Reduce printer banding with MAPS4

  • The potential for banding and uneven colour is greatly reduced with the 4th generation of Mimaki’s Advanced Pass System, MAPS4
  • MAPS incorporates an advanced algorithm for printing boundaries between passes, giving you beautiful quality prints with a smooth appearance
  • Compared to MAPS3, MAPS4 allows you to print even faster while preventing banding

Print head durability

White ink with Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT)

  • MCT accomplishes stable production and reduction of ink discharge and waste
  • Prevents pigment sedimentation by periodically circulating the white ink in the ink tank and through the ink tubes

Automatic Wiper Cleaning

  • The rest ink on the wiper is automatically removed during the cleaning procedure of the print head
  • No damage to print head caused by a dirty wiper
  • Less daily maintenance while enlarging the lifetime of the print head

ID cut for Mimaki’s print and cut combo

Automate the cutting process

  • Using ID CUT function enables an operator to contour cut multiple jobs without intervention
  • Trouble-free cutting without operator mistakes, saving time and material waste


  • Generate your labels with FineCut9
  • RL6 Plus prints the ID code between the crop marks
  • ID code includes cutting and rotation information
  • The crop mark sensor reads the ID code and automatically executes cutting
 Item  JV300-160 Plus
 Printhead  On-demand piezo head (2 staggered printheads)
 Print resolution  360 / 540 / 720 / 1,080 / 1,440dpi
 Maximum print width  Up to 1,610mm (63.3”)
 Maximum media width  Up to 1,620mm (63.7”)
 Ink  Type / Colour (*1)  Eco-solvent:


 –         SS21 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Lk, Or, W)

 –         ES3 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W)

 –         BS3 (C, M, Y, K)

 –         BS4 (C, M, Y, K)

 Water-based sublimation ink:


 –         Sb54 (Bl, M, Y, K)

Package size (*2)  SS21: 440ml Ink cartridge, 600ml/2L Ink pack


 (White: 220ml ink cartridge only)

 BS3/BS4: 600ml/2L Ink pack

 ES3: 440ml Ink cartridge

 (White: 220ml ink cartridge only)

 Sb54: 400ml Ink cartridge/2L Ink pack

 Circulation system  MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) only applies white ink
 Media thickness  1.0mm or less
 Rolled media weight  45kg (99.2lb) or less
 Interface  USB 2.0 / Ethernet 1000BASE-T
 Power supply  Single-phase (AC100-120V) / AC200-240V) x 2 50Hz / 60Hz ±1Hz 1Hz
 Power consumption  1440W x 2 or less (AC100V) / 1920W x 2 or less (AC200V)
 Operational environment  Temperature: 20ºC-30ºC (59-86ºF)


 Humidity: 35-65% RH (non-condensing)

 Dimensions (W×D×H)  2,775 x 700 x 1,392mm (109” x 28” x 55”)
 Weight  200kg (440.9lb)
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