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Code: ARKU-687300003/2520 digital white

SILENCIO® digital white print media is a unique, 3D print surface, pure polyester textile intended for high-performance acoustic applications. Produced from flame-retardant Trevira CS yarns, it comes in 2.5mm, 5mm and 10mm–sized diamond surfaces and is available in 20 colours as plain use textile (please specify if you require cut or uncut edges on coloured textile). SILENCIO® is top coated and certified for HP Latex and UV ink technologies. Flame protection: BS 5852 (crib 5 test) Class A – ASTM E84-16, B-s1,d0 – DIN EN 13501-1, OEKO-TEX & REACH certified, dry rubbing grade 4 - only water-based coatings used.

Sample Binder Section:
Soft image and textiles

Available widths:
1550, 2520, 3100, 3200, 5050, 5200 mm

Available lengths:
25.00 m

Weight: 300gsm

Fire Rated: No

Download PDF Datasheet

Media Type:

  • PONGS without Contrast

Media Applications:

  • Acoustic fabric
  • Architectural design
  • Arkutex
  • Descor
  • Exhibition/Retail/Interior - Book 2
  • Fire Rated Graphics
  • Green Graphics
  • Home Furnishings
  • Sound Absorbing
  • Tension Frames
  • Textiles / Soft Signage
  • Wall decor
Roll options & guide prices
Code Size Guide Price
ARKU-687300003/1550 digital white 1550mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687300003/2520 digital white 2520mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687300003/3100 digital white 3100mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350311/320 grey311 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350303/320 white303 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350339/320 blk339 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350333/320 gry/whi333 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350945/320 lgry/whi945 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350305/320 silv/whi305 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350507/320 beig/whi507 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687250347/320 blk/whi347 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350589/320 brow/whi589 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350947/320 bronz/whi947 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350525/320 gold/whi525 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350525/320 tan/whi523 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350523/520 tan/whi523 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350739/320 oran/whi525 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350466/320 red/whi466 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350162/320 blue/whi162 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350501/320 crea/whi501 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350547/320 peach/whi547 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350733/320 yell/whi733 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350235/320 purp/whi235 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350104/320 sky/whi104 3200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687300003/5050 digital white 5050mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350311/520 grey311 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350303/520 White303 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350339/520 blk339 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350333/520 gry/whi33 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350945/520 lgry/whi945 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350305/520 silv/whi305 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350507/520 beig/whi507 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350347/520 blk/whi347 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350589/520 brow/whi589 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350947/520 bronz/whi947 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350525/520 gold/whi525 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU687350739/520 oran/whi525 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350466/520 red/whi466 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350162/520 blue/whi162 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350501/520 crea/whi501 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350547/520 peach/whi547 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350733/520 yell/whi733 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-687350235/520 purp/whi235 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*
ARKU-68750104/520 sky/whi104 5200mm x 25.00m £0.00*

*(UK Guide prices ) Discount available based on volume. Add to request quote list for your bespoke price and to be set up with an online ordering system.

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