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PONGS Artist Mambo® (PrintTex®)

Code: PONGS-PTX564160237/160/PLM

This is the best backlit textile on offer from German manufacturer PONGS. It is known for high colour brilliance and a high degree of light diffusion. PrintTex Artist Mambo is a HP certifed for Latex ink but more importantly honoured by HP as a "durable backlit fabric" This is a fantastic backlit for UV or Latex ink. It can also be used as a frontlit.

Sample Binder Section:
Soft image and textiles

Available widths:
1030, 1600, 2520, 3200, 5050 mm

Available lengths:
10.00, 50.00, 100.00 m

Weight: 170gsm

Fire Rated: No

Ink Compatibility:

  • Latex
  • UV Gel
  • UV

Download PDF Datasheet

Media Type:

  • PONGS without Contrast
  • Tension Frame Material
  • Textile

Media Applications:

  • Architectural design
  • Backlit Frames
  • Backlits
  • Exhibition/Retail/Interior - Book 2
  • Fire Rated Graphics
  • Home Furnishings
  • Lightbox Graphics
  • Tension Frames
  • Textiles / Soft Signage

Media Finish:

  • Cold Cut Textile
  • Crease Resistant
  • Knitted
  • Polyester
Roll options
Code Size
PONGS-PTX564160237/SAMPLE 1030mm x 10.00m
PONGS-PTX564160237/160/PLM 1600mm x 50.00m
PONGS-PTX564160237/160/100 1600mm x 100.00m
PONGS-PTX564160137/252/100 2520mm x 100.00m
PONGS-PTX564160237/320/PLM 3200mm x 50.00m
PONGS-PTX564160237/320/100 3200mm x 100.00m
PONGS-PTX564160237/505/PLM 5050mm x 50.00m

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