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Code: ARKU-606251347/155 black

Akustico® is a unique, certified sound absorption textile made from 100% woven inherent FR polyester. It is crease-resistant and offers an incredibly high defence against abrasion, hot cutting provides the best results. Applications include: acoustic fabrics, art reproduction, display system, exhibitions, stage/ show/ events, stretch ceilings, theatre, upholstery fabric and visual merchandising. Available in 16 different colours and supplied with woven un-cut edges so ideally to be used as a plain textile, should you require a printable base textile that is inherent FR and suitable for UV, Latex and Dye-sublimation printing then please see Akustico New Life textile. Rub fastness 4, abrasion resistance withstanding 40,000 abrasion tours, acoustic value A 0.90/a Flame protection: BS 5852 (crib 5 test) - BSB-s1,d0 – DIN EN 13501-1, OEKO-TEX & REACH certified, only water-based coatings used, an anti-bacterial sanitized coating can be added POA (minimum 1500 metres per product)

Sample Binder Section:
Soft image and textiles

Available widths:
310, 1550, 3100 mm

Available lengths:
50.00 m

Weight: 280gsm

Fire Rated: No

Download PDF Sound cert

Download PDF BS Crib 5 cert

Roll options & guide prices
Code Size Guide Price
ARKU-606251638/3100 green638 310mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251347/155 black 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251331/155 grey331 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251309/155 grey309 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251303/155 white303 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251541/155 beige541 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251311/155 grey311 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251329/155 grey329 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251545/155 brown545 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251727/155 mustard727 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251731/155 yellow731 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251628/155 teal628 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251638/155 green638 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251642/155 lime642 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251642/310 lime642 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251162/150 blue162 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251235/155 purple235 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251440/155 orange440 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251440/310 orange440 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251466/155 red466 1550mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251347/310 black 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251331/310 grey331 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251309/310 grey309 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251303/310 white303 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251541/310 beige541 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251311/310 grey311 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251329/310 grey329 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251545/310 brown545 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251727/310 mustard727 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251731/310 yellow731 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251628/310 teal628 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251162/310 blue162 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251235/310 purple235 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-606251466/310 red466 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*

*(UK Guide prices ) Discount available based on volume. Add to request quote list for your bespoke price and to be set up with an online ordering system.

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