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PONGS DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic (black)

Code: ARKU-699144086/310 cut

A luxurious textile for wall and ceiling coverings and stretch applications, and has sound absorbing acoustic properties for balanced sound and decor. The unique perforated coating makes this textile air permeable which provides acoustic certification when used in-conjunction with wadding and air gaps, for use in walls, ceilings, and acoustic panels. 0.90/A acoustic values and CE marked. M1 - FR rating, coated and coloured knitted polyester yarn.

Sample Binder Section:
Soft image and textiles

Available widths:
3100, 3200, 4100, 4200, 5050, 5200 mm

Available lengths:
50.00 m

Weight: 185gsm

Fire Rated: No

Ink Compatibility:

  • UV

Media Type:

  • PONGS without Contrast
  • Tension Frame Material
  • Textile
  • Wall Decor

Media Applications:

  • Acoustic fabric
  • Architectural design
  • Arkutex
  • Descor
  • Display system
  • Green Graphics
  • Stretch ceiling
  • Textiles / Soft Signage
  • Visual merchandising
  • Wall decor

Media Finish:

  • Cold Cut Textile
  • Hot Cut Textile
  • PVC Free
  • Polyester
Roll options & guide prices
Code Size Guide Price
ARKU-699144086/310 cut 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086AB/310 anti-bac + cut 3100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086/320 uncut 3200mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086AB/320 anti-bac + uncut 3200mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086/410 cut 4100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086AB/410 anti-bac + cut 4100mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086/420 uncut 4200mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086AB/420 anti-bac + uncut 4200mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086/505 cut 5050mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086AB/505 anti-bac + cut 5050mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086/520 uncut 5200mm x 50.00m £0.00*
ARKU-699144086AB/520 anti-bac + uncut 5200mm x 50.00m £0.00*

*(UK Guide prices ) Discount available based on volume. Add to request quote list for your bespoke price and to be set up with an online ordering system.

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