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Ritrama RI-MARK O400 Gloss Polymeric Sign Vinyl - 5 Years Standard Colours

Code: 01448/Charcoal

For medium to long term graphics 1D and 2D applications and vehicle graphics - Priced per metre (full roll 50m) available in 5metre multiples (conversion cost of £2.95 will be added to total - Please indicate amount required in metres. Available in 1220mm and 610mm wide rolls

Sample Binder Section:
Self adhesive vinyls

Available widths:
630, 1260 mm

Available lengths:
1.00 m

Thickness: 75.00mic

Fire Rated: No

Roll options & guide prices
Code Size Guide Price
01448/630/Charcoal 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01449/630/Grey 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04387/630/Beige 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01450/630/MediumGrey 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01451/630/LightGrey 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01452/630/Primrose 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01454/630/SunYellow 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01455/630/MediumYellow 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01458/630/LightOrange 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01456/630/LightYellow 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01459/630/DarkOrange 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01460/630/LightRed 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
03703/630/Red 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04385/630/DarkRed 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04385/630/Burgundy 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01462/630/WineRed 630mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04381/630/SoftPink 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01463/630/Brown 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01464/630/NutBrown 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04383/630/LightBrown 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04384/630/LightBeige 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04386/630/Purple 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01466/630Violet 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04380/630/Lilac 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04379/630/Lavender 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01467/630/IceBlue 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
03452/630/OlympicBlue 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01469/630/AzureBlue 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01470/630/PermanentBlue 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01471/630/MarineBlue 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01472/630/VividBlue 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01473/630/BrilliantBlue 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01474/630/UltraBlue 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01476/630/DarkBlue 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01477/630/Copper 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01478/630/Mint 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04702/630/AquaGreen 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01479/630/Turquoise 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01480/630/MediumGreen 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
03340/630/LightGreen 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01483/630/ForestGreen 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
04382/630/LimeGreen 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01485/630/Magenta 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01486/630/Transparent 630mm x 1.00m £1.80*
01448/Charcoal 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01449/Grey 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01450/Beige 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01450/MediumGrey 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01451/LightGrey 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01452/Primrose 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01454/SunYellow 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01455/MediumYellow 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01456/LightYellow 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01458/LightOrange 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01459/DarkOrange 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01460/LightRed 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
03703/Red 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01461/DarkRed 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04385/Burgundy 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01462/WineRed 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04381/SoftPink 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01463/Brown 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01464/NutBrown 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04383/LightBrown 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04384/LightBeige 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04386/Purple 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01466/Violet 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04380/Lilac 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04379/Lavender 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01467/IceBlue 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
03452/OlympicBlue 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01469/AzureBlue 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01470/PermanentBlue 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01471/MarineBlue 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01472/VividBlue 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01473/BrilliantBlue 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01474/UltraBlue 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01476/DarkBlue 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01477/Copper 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01478/Mint 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04702/AquaGreen 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01479/Turquoise 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01480/MediumGreen 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
03340/LightGreen 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01483/ForestGreen 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
04382/LimeGreen 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01485/Magenta 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*
01486/Transparent 1260mm x 1.00m £3.60*

*Discount available based on volume. Add to request quote list for your bespoke price and to be set up with an online ordering system.

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