Adkins Inline 800 DFT Power Shaker Cure Unit

The perfect solution for high volume roll to roll DTF production

Adkins Inline 800 DFT Power Shaker Cure Unit

The Adkins Inline 800 DTF powder shaker cure unit is the perfect solution for high-volume roll to roll DTF production. With its large 800mm wide capacity, low operating power, ease of use & fast curing times, the Inline 800 will meet your production demands without compromising quality or reliability.

Featuring a powerful shaker that ensures even distribution of powder across DTF roll films of all sizes up to 800mm in width. The unit also features high-efficiency curing lamps that cure powder quickly and evenly, resulting in high-quality prints that last.

Easy to operate & maintain with it’s intuitive touch screen control panel, easy access for cleaning and built-in filtration unit. Compatible with a wide range of DTF roll to roll printers, making it a versatile and reliable solution for any DTF production environment.

  • Branded end-to-end solution from renowned and trusted manufacturers.
  • Recommended by Mimaki as their in-line solution of choice.
  • Up to 800mm max media width for optimal print efficiency and production speed.
  • User-friendly operation and maintenance.
  • Large 800mm wide media feed & cure area
  • Low operating power consumption
  • Either automatic or manual operation settings
  • Built-in filtration meaning no extraction is required
  • Excess powder catch trays for quick recycling ensuring efficiency
  • Media feed & powder applicator sensors
  • Media suction control with pre-heat settings
  • Smart media take-up unit
  • Finished print cooling fans allow for immediate handling
 Power consumption:  2.7KW
 Power supply:  230 volts AC
 Shaker unit:  Automatic
 Heating elements:  8
 Take up:  Automatic tension bar
 Operation mode:  Manual control/Auto control
 Belt type:  Mesh
 Powder application:  Weighted powder distribution
 Max roll width:  800mm
 Net weight:  355KG
 Gross weight:  385KG
 Machine size:  130(w) x 102(h) x 187(d) cm
 Packing size:  135(w) x 110(h) x 193(d) cm
 Air purifier:  In-built extraction and filtration
 Fuse:  13 A