Advance Sewing Automation Advance ASA-RBS4000

Roller Blind Sewing Station

Advance Sewing Automation Advance ASA-RBS4000

The ASA-RBS4000 sewing station uses the Juki DLN9010A direct drive sewing head which has Is fully equipped with automatic thread trimmer, auto­matic foot lift, and automatic back tack.

It has also been designed with an electronic puller unit at the rear of the machine, keeping the material flat which ensures perfect stitching. 

On the machine, there is an end-stop device that will initiate the end function of stitching, and thread trimming. 

Also next to the machine, we have specially designed rollers to allow the actual roller blind to move fluently down the track so that it's not being held due to friction between the table and that the roller blind, using these rollers allow for smooth movement. 

The machine features a stop and start switch, which enables hands-free sewing. 

The machine also has a folder on the front of it, which Is usually set to around 40mm - however, this can be adjusted depending on the customer's requirements

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