Advance Sewing Automation Advance ASA-900B/K

High Speed, Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine for attaching Keder/SEG Fast, Economical, Entry-Level.

Advance Sewing Automation Advance ASA-900B/K

The ASA-900B/K is a high-speed, single needle lockstitch machine that is exclusively used for attaching the keder or silicone to the edge of fabric and textiles for finishing tension frame and back-lit graphics. We offer this as our entry-level solution for this application as opposed to our ASA-3010/TPL-KC.

This machine has been adapted to sew silicone edge by using an adjustable keder guide which allows the easy-feeding of the keder through making the finish perfect every time as it needs little operator skill. The keder guide is also adjustable from 9mm to 15mm so it can be altered depending on the size of keder that the operator is using.


• Perfect entry-level machine for the sewing/attaching of keder/SEG.
• Easy to use - no sewing experience necessary.
• Max. sewing speed of 5,000 sti/min for high productivity.
• Quickly change fabric guides/folders using ASA Quick Change System (other folders available on request)
• Features automatic functions such as thread trimmer, auto-foot-lift and back-tack.
• Max. stitch length is 4mm, perfect for attaching keder.
• This machine is an Eco-friendly product complying with guidelines for helping to protect the environment.
• Compact and small energy-saving direct-drive motor saves power consumption 25%.
• Highly-functional control panel which allows various sewing data to be adjusted (e.g. sewing speed or production support functions).

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