Advance Sewing Automation Advance ASA-2075-LS/ECO

Single Needle Lockstitch, Direct Drive Sewing Machine - Featuring Mini Conveyor

Advance Sewing Automation Advance ASA-2075-LS/ECO

Introducing the newest addition to our ASA range of conveyorised sewing machines allows the productivity and efficiency of our other conveyors, packed into something much more compact. This is what we call, our economic alternative to the ASA-3010/TPL-KC. This machine allows the operator to focus on productivity without compromising quality of sewn products. The ASA conveyor is perfect for giving the highest qualityfinishes to fabric and PVC textiles thus ensuring flat seams are achieved for applications such as silicone/PVC beading, keder or SEG attaching.

The ECO conveyor features a 0.75m wide by 2m length, tactile lined blue PVC belt and is specially developed for the transportation of fabric while the sewing operation is in motion. The ECO conveyor sewing machine has been added to our range due to the compactness whilst maintaining the high efficiency and productivity of the larger conveyors.

• Juki DDL-900B single needle, direct drive lockstitch sewing machine.1 (others available)
• Fully synchronised conveyor belt (reverse and forward).
• Ergonomically designed stand for operator's ease of access. 2
• High manoeuvrability due to the compactness of the machine.
• Easy to use - no sewing experience necessary.
• 2m long conveyor belt by 0.75m wide (custom sizes available).
• Quickly change fabric guides/folders using ASA quick change system.3
• 7” touchscreen display as standard.
• Material tensioned fabric receptacle.4
• Simple stitch size to belt synchronization.
• Driven rollers at the front to aid fabric transportation.
• Transportable, machine splits and connects with easy-plugs.
• Pedal operated conveyor for synchronicity with sewing.
• Manual return or time delay return once seam end.
• Tactile lined PVC conveyor belt.
• Finish seams automatically with fabric detection sensor.
• Machine features an automatic thread trimmer.

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