Mimaki CG FXII Series

Mimaki CG FXII Series Cutting Plotter - The Perfect Cutting Tool for Every Job

With a choice of sizes ranging from 75cm to 160cm wide, the CG-FXII range of high specification cutters features an optical eye for perfect print & cut registration, free FineCut plugin software, stand, roll holders and USB interface for fast data transfer.

  • 75cm, 130cm and 160cm wide options
  • High speed / high accuracy cutter plotters
  • Photo electric eye for 4 point register mark detection
  • Up to 100cm cut speed
  • Drag knife or pen plotting
  • USB interface
  • Competitive price, and range of widths, including the 130 & 160cm versions that are perfectly matched to the Mimaki JV150 and JV300 solvent printers for a seamless print and cut workflow
  • Free Mimaki FineCut plug in software for CorelDRAW! and Adobe® Illustrator.
CMYUK Premium Service includes:
  • Free delivery and installation
  • On-site operator training with our certified engineers
  • Free unlimited update training at our Shrewsbury training centre
Cutting plotter CG-75FXII CG-130FXII CG-160FXII
Acceptable sheet width 9 – 104 cm 9 – 158 cm 9 – 188 cm
Effective cutting area (1) 760 mm x 51 m 1300 mm x 51 m 1600 mm x 51 m
Max. speed (2) 140 cm/s
Max. cutting speed 100 cm/s
Adjustable speed range (3) 1 – 10 cm/s : 1 cm step adjustment
10 – 40 cm/s : 5 cm step adjustment
40 – 100 cm/s : 10 cm step adjustment
Repeatability ± 0.2 mm (excluding shrinkage / expansion caused by film temperature)
Guaranteed range of accuracy (4) 760 mm x 10 m 1300 mm x 10 m 1600 mm x 10 m
Max. pressure 400 g
Acceptable sheet (5) Vinyl up to 0.25 mm thickness, fluorescent type vinyl, reflective sheet
Applicable tools (6) Cutter, water-based ball-point pen, oil-based ball-point pen. Also pouncing tool for CG-SRII and CG-FXII series.
Interface USB, RS-232C
Power consumption AC100V-240V, 130VA or less
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1285 x 700 x 1217 mm 1825 x 700 x 1217 mm 2125 x 700 x 1217 mm
Weight 50 kg 60 kg 69 kg
  1. Max. sheet feeding length differs depending on the software
  2. Max. moving speed at 45o direction with pen up.
  3. The plotter cannot perform cutting (plotting) at the specified maximum speed or maximum acceleration.
  4. May be limited by sheet width.
  5. Depending on the specified film and cutting conditions.
  6. Provided that the blade specific for fluorescent type vinyl or for reflective sheet are used.
  7. The goods on the market are 8 – 9 mm pen. No guarantee on accuracy.

Applications of CG FX Series

Images to be transferred to clothing, logos, stickers, labels, decals, graphics and signage.

Suitable Cutting Materials

(Coloured) vinyl, transparent PET, (transfer) paper, flock, rubber.