Kongsberg X Edge

Digital cutting table for the production of signage, display, or packaging

Kongsberg X Edge

The Kongsberg X Edge is the perfect starting point for your finishing journey. Available at an attractive price point, this an entry-level version of the Kongsberg X series that can easily be upgraded as your business grows. 

With speeds up to 30 m per minute, the X Edge is available either as a basic version without milling, or with the MultiCut tool head that contains all tool insert options plus a milling spindle. Perfect for the full array of display, signage, sampling and packaging materials, the air-cooled milling bit operates at 45.000 rpm producing edge quality for the high-speed milling of acrylics and other synthetic materials. 

The camera system and innovative front-end software make the Kongsberg X Edge the perfect entry level solution for signage production.



The Kongsberg X Edge is an entry level table for display, signage, sampling and packaging materials that the Kongsberg experience for less. 

Upgrade as you grow

This digital cutting table has all the characteristics you’d expect of the Kongsberg brand – robust build, consistent cutting accuracy and versatile innovation.  As your business evolves into new applications, materials and market sectors, it can be easily upgraded for faster speeds and acceleration. Additional tools can be added as and when required, to further support your business growth.

  • Fast production speeds 
  • Superb cutting quality
  • Fully upgradable – grows with your business
  • Affordable investment 
  • Production on a wide range of materials
  • Extra fast tool loading, auto recognition and calibration
  • Ability to add a conveyor system to support automated boards and roll feeding
  • Variety of milling options 
  • Perfect-print-to-cut registration even with heavy distortion and jobs longer than the table

Wood Veneer
Box linings

Corrugated Board
Short run boxes on demand
Sample boxes
POP displays
Wooden box replacements

Protective packaging

Plexiglass and acrylic


Advertising items

Vinyl and adhesives
Short-run label production
Vinyl for banners, vehicles, retail


Folding carton
Samples from all grades of folding carton
Generate sample counters based on Artios CAD integration

Honeycomb, rigid paper board and fluted core board
Protective packaging

Solid board
Speciality packaging
Gift packaging

Boxes for presents and cosmetics
Document folders
Rain covers and sun shading
Credit cards
Light boxes

Advertising items

Foam board

Corrugated plastic

Carpets with different forms or logos combining colours and
personalised shapes

Pre-mounting for flexo plates
Plots on paper, Mylar foil or directly onto die board

Gaskets for cars, pumps, liquids, ...

Die rubber (no drying time required)
Mouse mats
Complementary items for 
Magnetic foil

Exhibitors lining
Box linings

Varnish blankets
Varnish blankets for offset printing can be cut in perfect register with the press


Flexo plates
Cut flexo plates with/without bevel

Kongsberg X Edge tooling

The MultiCut toolhead for the Kongsberg X Edge allows for entry-level milling, contour cutting, routing, drilling and engraving. It’s suitable for routing a wide range of materials such as foamed PVC, solid PVC/PS, acrylic, Aluminium Composite Material (ACM), MDF, and wood.  The 1kW spindle has speeds of up to 45,000 rpm. This tooling head has an air-cooling feature for the milling bit that assures the quality of the edge when working with acrylic and other synthetic materials. It comes with two regular tool positions facilitating the usage of all standard tools.


The FlexiHead is widely used for folding carton, corrugated and most other paper boards. It combines precision and power even for the most complex and compact materials such as solid board and the full portfolio of synthetic materials used for packaging and displays. Crease tool inserts are available for folding carton production that have the same high throughput as corrugated jobs. FlexiHead is typically used for flexible materials too and offers 3 tool positions for the full range of standard insert tools.

Kongsberg X Edge Upgrades

The Kongsberg X Edge futureproofs your business with the built-in flexibility to upgrade to greater versatility, speed and acceleration.

Powerful software integration

i-cut Production Console
i-cut Production Console is the next generation front-end for efficient operation of Kongsberg cutting tables.
The intuitive, completely redesigned, user interface enables straightforward and efficient operation. The improved front-end allows operators to get the most out of the Kongsberg tables while optimizing day to day production.

i-cut Suite: the power to optimize large-format production
Eliminate errors, save time and reduce waste with i-cut Suite, the industry standard design-to-print-to-cut workflow.
i-cut Suite standardizes the way graphical files are sent to the and digital finisher. You save time and labor, reduce material waste, better utilize your , create the most accurate and efficient cutting paths for your Kongsberg table, and create great quality output — every time.

Automation Engine
Automation Engine ties the pieces of the i-cut Suite together, and automates the entire prepress production process.
Users can build dynamic workflows that automate repetitive prepress tasks, thereby enhancing productivity, reducing operator intervention and errors, and saving valuable time, money and materials in the production process.

Device Manager
Device Manager gives better control over finishing production. Work in progress and the status and queues of all connected devices are clearly visualized on screen.
Operators use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to prioritize table queues, insert rush jobs and even balance workloads between tables.

ArtiosCAD: the power to build structural designs
For 3D projects, not only do you need graphic design software, but structural design software as well. ArtiosCAD, the world’s most popular and advanced structural design software for packages, displays and signs, is the ideal product for all corrugated, folding carton and POP designers.
Users browsing from ArtiosCAD’s extensive design can find parametric design templates from which to either design projects in minutes — with the freedom to resize or redesign components — or stimulate the creative design process. ArtiosCAD can significantly help sign and display shops do an exceptional job creating structures for 3D displays.


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