The Printed Gift House purchases a Mimaki UCJV300-160 UV LED roll-to-roll printer from CMYUK

The Printed Gift House with a Mimaki UCJV300-160 UV LED roll-to-roll printer from CMYUK.
L-to-R: Ravi De Silva Lindamulage, wife, Achala Wannipuge, and staff member, Madeesha Eliyadura.

The Printed Gift House has taken delivery of a Mimaki UCJV300-160 UV LED roll-to-roll printer from CMYUK. The investment has been made so that the company can extend its services to a B2B customer base through its new brand, Printing X. It has plans to move into a new business park premises, where its physical presence will help support its sales focus in this area.

“The new Mimaki printer will help us to targetbusinesses with large format banners, Sign boards, canvasses, wall murals, and stickers. We offer a very wide range of services such as promotional gifts, engraving, T-shirt printing, workwear, and embroidery. Whatever our customers want we can provide it,” says Ravi De Silva Lindamoulage, company co-owner.

The Printed Gift House is a personalised on-demand B-to-C gift company that was set-up 7 years ago by Ravi and his wife, Achala Wannipuge. Initially working from home, they produced phone cases and cushion covers using sublimation printing and a small heat press. Two years later in order to expand their product portfolio, they invested in their first printer from CMYUK – a MimakiUJF-3042FX flatbed. So impressed were they by the versatility, quality, and reliability of the printer that when the time came to support further growth, they had no hesitation when it came to investing in a second Mimaki printer.

The Mimaki UCJV300-160 UV LED printer is a highly versatile piece of equipment that integrates both print and cut functions.  Its 7-colour inkset builds up to 5 layers while a high-quality resolution of up to 1200dpi makes it ideal for numerous applications including banners, flags, wallpaper, swing POP, and outdoor signage.

“We really liked our Mimaki flatbed. We do lots of research and join forums to keep abreast of new tech. Jason McNulty [Senior Digital Sales Consultant, CMYUK] sold me our first printer, and gave me a really good offer on our new 1.6mwide printer. The staff at CMYUK from sales to installer have all been friendly, offering us lots of information and support.

“The UV inks on the new printer will propel us into the promo and gifting markets. It can print onto any materials and the 5-layer printing will allow us to present really unique creative finishes. When compared to the Roland wide format printers we had, it beats them hands down,” says Ravi.

“We’ll be offering a whole range of services that targetthe small business community from banners to posters, sign boards, decals,stickers, and promotional items such engraved pins. We’ve also started T-shirt printing, workwear, and embroidery, there’s not that many places that can offer the versatility of services that we can, which also includes in-house design. We really have such a large range so it’s really a case of you name it, we can print it,” he says.

Physical shop, year-round products

The Printed Gift House is currently situated in Newcastle-under-Lyme in premises that has a physical shop as well as a production space fulfilling its online ordering, which accounts for 95% of the business. The company has three full time on-line staff as well as three full time staff working in the store. Seasonal part time staff are also employed over the busy periods that are traditionally Christmas, Valentines, Mothers’, and Fathers’ Days. In addition, the business operates another brand called Ellipse that is dedicated to personal items and engraved jewellery.

The physical shop has flourished through local word of mouth, while its online business has a regular client base as well as new customers. However, Ravi and Achala are keen to iron out the seasonal peaks to create equitable year-round offerings.

“We’re moving into new markets now such as weddings and are developing summer products,” says Ravi. Whether the business will retain a physical retail presence once it has moved to new premises is yet to be decided. Whatever is defined, itseems that this ambitious and enterprising couple have built true resilience into their core business offering, covering all bases whilst continuing their onward growth strategy.

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