Dress to impress… Squid takes window covering to a whole new level

Squid is the future, available today, exclusively from CMYUK.
Squid is the future, available today, exclusively from CMYUK.

Squid self-adhesive fabric, designed for covering glass of any type, shape or size, delivers a new innovation for aesthetic window screening with ergonomic values. The luxury finish can be digitally printed or applied as a natural fabric, with both effects offering one-way vision for privacy. The patented material is easy to install, with no fixtures or fittings needed.

At the top of its game, Squid’s innovative fabric – the result of a new and advanced production technique – is moisture and heat resistant, and easy to tailor to exact specifications. Its minimalist style means it compliments all types of architecture and by keeping a lot of the sun's heat out, withstanding extreme humidity and being breathable, it's the ideal solution for windows exposed to strong sunshine.

Johan Bonner, Director at Squid, says: “At Fespa this year, more than once we heard professionals say that Squid was, for them, the most innovative print medium they had encountered in years. The look, feel and endless creative possibilities sets it into a new category of applications.”

 Squid used in a hospital

In a time when environmental issues gain attention in all boardrooms, having an attractive and versatile material that blocks heat from the sun ticks a very large box. Squid can be used on large glazed office interiors, flat skylights, sliding windows, glass roofs or conservatories and glass partitions; and unlike plastic counterparts, you can use Squid on HR++(+) and high-performance glass, too. It comes as an unprinted solution securing privacy and solar protection for the B2C and B2B window decoration markets; installation can be DIY or done by a professional.

The printability of this high-quality substrate presents substantial commercial and marketing possibilities – retailers are able to print designs onto the fabric, creating unique shop window displays. With a current trend of giving offices a more contemporary feel, Squid fits the bill perfectly, and while it sticks to windows indefinitely, it can be removed easily without leaving unsightly residue.       

Available in five colours (Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash and Rock), Squid’s style, versatility and simplicity have made it a big hit in the interior design and architectural markets, breathing new life into homes, offices and public facilities worldwide.

 Squid used in retail windows

CMYUK is delighted to have been appointed exclusive distributor of Squid in the UK and Ireland. “This is a totally unique material and provides a fantastic new look for the window, retail and décor markets, allowing digital printers to offer a brand-new concept to their clients.” says Michael Crook, Commercial Director at CMYUK. He continues: “Squid was primarily developed for window decoration, however during development, it was discovered that it applied perfectly to walls and other flat surfaces too, due to the very lightweight textile and innovative adhesive, opening up even more possibilities such as exhibition and conference graphics, retail displays and DIY décor projects.”