Oasis Graphic Co welcomes cutting-edge Caldera

Caldera GrandRIP+ is a powerful, efficient, fast and feature-rich print and cut RIP system.
Caldera GrandRIP+ is a powerful, efficient, fast and feature-rich print and cut RIP system.

Built for speed, reliability and flexibility, Caldera GrandRIP+ is at the cutting-edge of wide-format production software. Known as a company consistently at the top of their game, Oasis Graphic Co. has just integrated the Caldera GrandRIP+ Print-to-Cut system into the business. The software runs on multiple PC / Mac platforms, and drives customer printing and cutting devices. It has replaced a number of individual RIP stations of different makes and varying levels of functionality, giving Oasis the ultimate production workflow.

Caldera GrandRIP+ is a powerful, efficient, fast and feature-rich print and cut RIP system, designed to enhance productivity and quality, offering quick and efficient visual job manipulation, automatic printing of cutter-specific registration marks and creation of cut files, step-and-repeat, tiling and poster making.

Andy Delpech, Operations Director at Oasis Graphic Co. says, “Driving all print and cut machines from the same, consolidated RIP system gives us a consistent interface across all devices, streamlines staff training and increases flexibility. We have taken on colour management which allows us to get the best results out of our new and exciting materials as well as maintain colour consistency with our more regular products.” 

Caldera Master / Slave architecture, with license sharing and load balancing, allows complete flexibility, absolute efficiency, and an independent number of operator seats. Caldera EasyMedia and Spot Colour functions provide unified and consistent colour management across all the devices and Caldera InkPerformer (integrated ink saving technology), in conjunction with efficient media colour curves and ink limits, reduces overall ink consumption without compromising job quality and colour vibrancy. It keeps businesses adaptable as there is the option to add extra modules, but everything is controlled from one simple interface, allowing quick and easy production from start to finish.

In addition to the Caldera RIP solution, Oasis purchased a Barbiri profiling solution allowing them to profile all of their own medias, including backlit medias and textiles, providing complete self-sufficiency on their colour management going forward.

Sue Hayward, Digital Systems Consultant from CMYUK, says, “The Caldera installation at Oasis is a perfect example of a complete production facility being driven from a consolidated, unified RIP system. Oasis is able to take full advantage of many Caldera features, designed to provide production load balancing, redundancy of computer hardware and protection against a single point of failure. Never again will a loss of a RIP computer result in an expensive printing machine standing still!”

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