PVC-free Kavalan from CMYUK installed at Lucas UK’s new Centre of Excellence and Innovation

PVC-free Kavalan from CMYUK installed at Lucas UK’s new Centre of Excellence and Innovation
Photos courtesy of Embrace Building Wraps and Lucas UK

Embrace Building Wraps has specified and installed PVC-free Kavalan banner material from CMYUK for a recent internal branding project. Its client, Lucas UK, a leading fit out and finishing business in the construction industry, was only too pleased to utilise an eco-responsible material for this venture.

Unusually for Embrace, the nationwide exterior large scale building wrap and printed site hoarding specialist, this was an ‘inside job’, delivered for Lucas UK’s new purpose-built Centre of Excellence and Innovation adjacent to its HQ in Wrotham, Kent. The complex will provide training facilities and is home to Future Lab, a hub for R&D initiatives and collaborative innovation.

The brief was to transform the centre’s main interior utilising Lucas UK’s ‘Innovation through Collaboration’ campaign created by its in-house design team. Inspirational quotes from Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were printed onto Kavalan Sunlight Weldable material, a PVC-free polyester-based textile that has the same look, feel and strength of traditional PVC banner, but with none of its eco-malignance.

Embrace printed and produced 7 large scale graphics, 5 of which were installed in the main central area at high level, concealing a corrugated metal wall and secured by a wire frame system.

“Working inside spared us from the unpredictable challenges we usually face from Mother Nature and local environmental logistics. This was a new vacant building with no obstructions, allowing us for example, to easily bolt tap the wire frame systems into the steels,” said Greg Forster, MD, Embrace Building Wraps.

Elsewhere 2 printed wraps were fitted using the SPIRIT-FLEX® tension 2-part system. This consists of a base aluminium frame that is attached to a wall, over which the banner textile is stretched. A tension strip clip profile which locks into a base channel is the mechanism by which the textile is tensioned and secured.

Said Greg, “Our expertise in building wraps and large-scale banners enabled us to specify the perfect combination of solutions to deliver the internal branding. We deployed multiple mechanics behind the scenes, whilst presenting unified and harmonious visuals for centre visitors.

“We are delighted with the project. The area has been transformed with the client’s inspired creative around the upper levels, making it a great space to work in. By introducing Lucas UK to Kavalan, we’re continuing our ongoing quest to move away from traditional PVC products wherever possible, minimising and offsetting any negative environmental impact when doing business.”

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