Hollywood Monster debuts first use of PONGS® DESCOR® from CMYUK’s Arkutex range

PONGS® DESCOR® track system being used at Toy Fair expo held at London Olympia.
Fabric stand walls produced using the Descor® track

Hollywood Monster has debuted its first commercial job using the PONGS® DESCOR® track system from Arkutex, the surface textiles division of CMYUK. 

Produced for client Design Built Exhibitions, Hollywood Monster created the external shell for the Jazwares stand at the recent Toy Fair expo held at London Olympia. This project follows on from Hollywood Monster becoming a certified DESCOR® Premium accredited installer after members of its Exhibitions Team attended a training course organised by CMYUK at the PONGS® HQ in Dusseldorf. 

Offering a smart alternative to conventional surface design, the DESCOR® track accommodates one-piece stretched tension textiles that cover walls, ceilings and panels, hiding the substructure behind. The textile is simply pushed into the track profile by a unique spatula and tensioned tightly to appear as a solid finish. 

DESCOR® is also clean and easy-to-install removing the traditional need to ‘make good.’ It integrates essential lighting and HVAC services, and as it doesn’t interfere with underlying architectural features, can be used for the interior refurbishment of historical buildings.  Entire surface imagery can be replaced quickly and cost-effectively whilst retaining the DESCOR® track ¬¬– making it suitable for immersive brand experiences, promotional events as well as refurbished interiors. 

Hollywood Monster printed approximately 200sq.m of PONGS® DESCOR® textile on its EFI VUTEk Q5r UV LED roll-to-roll printer that was installed to create the stand’s four stretched perimeter walls. Internal booth graphics were supplied by another producer.  

Hollywood Monster’s Head of Live Events, Noel Tilley, who attended the training course said, “It was an excellent trip and inspiring to see the multiple applications of DESCOR® at Villa Lantz. Seeing how this system can be used with various textiles was very impactful and I see can it gaining greater traction for exhibitions over the next 12 months. We recognise the potential of DESCOR® to transform spaces beyond exhibitions and events including retail, sports, hospitality, leisure, heritage, office interiors, education and health. We will be bringing it to the attention of the print brokers, purchasing teams and agencies that we work with.”  

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