Fabriplas invests in a Kongsberg X24 Edge from CMYUK

Andrew Farrell and Jonathan Marsden from Fabriplas UK with a Kongsberg X24 Edge from CMYUK.
L-R: Andrew Farrell, Director and Jonathan Marsden, MD, Fabriplas UK

Fabriplas UK has purchased a Kongsberg X24 Edge from CMYUK. Founded 5 years ago in Bolton, the business was originally established as a plastics supplier and fabricator. Mimaki digital print technology was implemented to print graphics for the manufactured retail units, but as customers started requesting more services, it became clear that the digital printing services could thrive as a business in its own right, and Creative Graphics Northwest was launched.

“The plastics business continues as it always has done, but we’re going to put more focus on print and cut, which is why we bought the Kongsberg. We had a Graphtec 1600 which we had purchased from CMYUK a few years earlier, but to really fulfil demand for cut-out shapes and the like, we really needed a digital table cutter,” says MD, Jonathan Marsden.   

CMYUK guidance

The senior management team considered several digital cutting tables from different manufacturers but finally settled with the Kongsberg X Edge from CMYUK.

“We looked at a variety of digital cutting tables on the market, but the Kongsberg is sturdy and stable, and its build quality is a differentiator.  It’s such a versatile piece of equipment that has a simple and intuitive user interface,” says Jonathan, adding, “although we have 3 x CNC machines, this is our first digital cutting table and so we wanted to make sure we had the right support in place. We purchased our Graphtec cutter from CMYUK, and so we know first-hand what their customer service is like – the pre-sales, demonstration, and after sales care is what we expected – outstanding. Stepping-up to the Kongsberg was a no-brainer, a natural evolution for our production.”

Creative Graphics Northwest services a wide mix of customers including trade signage companies, retail end users, events, and exhibitions. “When one sector goes quiet, another starts to get busy, that’s how we like to work it, so we’ve always got something happening, and never just have our eggs in one basket,” he says.  

Increased service offerings

The Kongsberg X24 Edge is a digital table, perfect for sample making, signage and display. With this machine, owners invest in the tooling options they currently require, knowing that at a later date they can easily upgrade. It comes in two versions: basic without milling and the model that Creative Northern Graphics has invested in, which has a MultiCUT tool head that offers milling productivity and a camera system for accurate registration.

The installation of the digital table has had immediate impact – widening the company’s reach and servicing the needs of existing customers far more deeply. Already it is cutting and handling materials such as Hylite, a 3A Composites material used for multiple products such as folders that the company was unable to process before. 

One area of interest is the production of cardboard CTU (countertop units) for retail. “That’s the one thing we've never been able to get involved in. We deal with a lot of retail companies that have previously asked us if we could do these.  in the past, we’ve had to say no. With the installation of the Kongsberg, what we can offer has become much broader.  Now for example, we can produce aluminium composite panels, our own packaging, POS, printed shelf wobblers, ticket strips, the list goes on,” says Jonathan. 

With the new digital cutter on board, the company is busy refining its offerings, and introducing these new capabilities into the multiple industries it services. The Kongsberg installation has propelled the company forward.

Says Jonathan, “We’ve got 3 x CNCs and flatbed lasers, but I have to say that the Kongsberg is the best machine we’ve ever bought. When it’s running, I’m mesmerised by it, especially when its zipping round with the camera. It’s absolutely mega.”

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