CoverUp invests in an EFI Matan 5m UV dedicated roll-to-roll printer from CMYUK

Anthony Byrne from CoverUp with an EFI Matan 5m UV LED roll-to-roll printer from CMYUK
Anthony Byrne, Operations Director, CoverUp

Irish company CoverUp has added a EFI Matan 5m UV roll-to-roll printer from CMYUK to its line-up. This  move comes after the firm’s 2022 acquisition of an EFI VUTEk Q5r, also from CMYUK, which has significantly boosted its production efficiency allowing for faster turnaround times and greater volumes. It joins a plant list that includes a 3.2m UV LED digital flatbed printer, dye sublimation technology,  CNC router, and a digital cutting table.  

The Matan 5 replaces an older HP printer and is designated for all CoverUp’s mesh printing needs. “We decided to dedicate the Matan 5 to mesh because it’s a challenging material that tends to create a lot of overspray,” says Anthony Byrne, the Operations Director at CoverUp. “This way, we avoid exposing the Q5r to any of these issues.” 

Finishing first

CoverUp began its journey in 1976, specialising in manufacturing and finishing PVC and canvas covers for machinery, vehicles, boats, and industrial facilities. By the mid 1980s, it had expanded its services to include banner finishing. 

In 2005 it ventured into the digital printing sector, and today, CoverUp provides a wide array of applications from dye-enhanced textiles for soft signage, rigid signage, flags, banners, and building wraps. Operating as a trade-only business, it has facilities in two Dublin locations: Sandyford and Clondalkin. It has grown to become one of the largest finishers of large banners and building wraps in Ireland. 

CMYUK service

CoverUp was the first in the World to purchase an EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i in-line dye sublimation printer in 2018, when it replaced an M-Tex printer. It had also established a trusted relationship with CMYUK for its materials supply, so when it came to purchasing a new EFI VUTEk Q5r there was never any doubt about where to go. 

When looking for a printer dedicated to mesh work, Anthony contacted Sue Hayward (Commercial Director, CMYUK) for some advice. He didn’t want a new model as he didn’t have the budget for it but wondered whether CMYUK had something to offer from its ex-demonstration, second users or refurbished large format printing equipment.  Sue rapidly located a refurbished Matan 5 printer from EFI and arranged an online virtual demonstration for Anthony, given the printer was in Israel. After witnessing its impressive performance with mesh Antony immediately decided to purchase it. A fast installation was crucial for him, and CMYUK delivered and installed the printer in five weeks. 

The on-site training went very smoothly. “We were well up with it since the RIP was the same as the one used by the Q5r, so there wasn’t much new to learn. We just had to get used to the loading and cleaning processes. By the end of the first day, we were operational and even started printing specific jobs. When it comes to maintenance, mesh requires more frequent filter changes due to its messier nature. Other than that, the maintenance is pretty much the same as the Q5r,” says Anthony.  

Matan features

The EFI Matan 5 is regarded as a powerhouse of a printer.  It offers output up to 353 sq. m per hour with a true resolution of 600dpi.  This printer supports a portfolio of Matan optional features and software, which can transform it into an all-in-one multi-purpose printer. These include in-line finishing for cutting and slitting, vacuum plates for printing onto thin sheets and rigid media in a selection of sizes, automatic backlit, automatic block out, and jumbo roll handling. Additionally, a unique single operator roll loader maximises efficiency by 300%, ensuring that only 40cm of material is wasted per roll, boosting savings and overall productivity.  

With the installation of the Matan 5, mesh work is produced significantly faster than before.  “After installing the Matan 5, the speed of our mesh output work has tripled. Previously we were managing 2 rolls a day, but now can complete 5 to 6,” says Anthony. 

The investment in the EFI VUTEk Q5r enabled CoverUp to expand its customer base and enhance throughput speed, to positively impact turnover. Says Anthony, “With the addition of the Matan 5 to our production, we anticipate this positive trend going forward. We’re pleased to serve as a dynamic print supplier to the trade, operating behind the scenes. Furthermore, our extensive finishing services guarantee that we can meet all customer requirements comprehensively.”